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 From the library of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant, Norman Macrae

 The Economist April 28, 1984

 The editor asked Norman Macrae to spend 4 weeks studying international healthcare staitstics, so as to report what is becoming the largest industry in many rich countries is being organised in the most economically efficient way. Here are Macrae's conclusions (update 2010s "smartest decade for human race?" debate at http://normanmacrae.ning.com 

Better care at one eighth the cost? All the Western democracies are see-sawing between different sorts of heathcare crises, which they are trying to meet by slightly modified versions of policies that have caused more expensive difficulties somehwere else. Great unpopularity falls on anyone who points this out. Almost every advanced county's system of medical finance is bringing results that are the opposite of those predicted by its politicians, professed by its docors, believed by its voters and hoped for by its saints.  In consequence most governments are facing the problems and securing the achievments that they and their detractors both expected least. After the standard-bearing advocates of socialist versus free market medical systems have charged each other with levelled lances through tje political fog, the British socialist finds he is pig-sticking the poor with a cheap National Health Service that has embarassinbgly seen mortality ratios move further in favour of the upper middle classes, while the American taxpayer finds he is paying  between four and six times as much for the health care of his poorest and sickest old-fellow citizen as the British taxpayer does.


.Fall 2010 rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv if your capital has a radical innovator of affordability of healthcare for all

1 *cam is the first social business professor of linkages between microcredit and microhealth' and so responsibility for yunus healthy and wealthy youth scotland - (dont know any greater fortune young job creating scots could have in 2010s)
2 yunus and ingrid are 2 of the first 3 first bankers (for youth health as well as poor parents) with world scaling system designs of likages between youth jobs and health; however in kenya if my memory serves: ingrid's number 2 in empowering  www.jamiibora.org  is wife of kenya's minister of health
3 sam is empowerer of peoples summits (www.results.org has its 30th birthday next year in keepoing us congress grounded -two thirds of congress have confirmed yunus testimony next year as genius economist who maps how to do credit and health as lifebllood of any nation) - results started up as the first grassroots network of end hunger across usa which oddly the NY's and Lynee Twists' Hunger Project was doing internationally but not much within usa; results were then entrusted 1997 with first worldiwde microbanking network summits that became the greatest continuous model for human networking of our 1984-2024 generation; I dont have queen sofia's or hilary clinton's or obama's email but clearly all 3 are interested in whether we invest in health of youth with the global financial system which 2011 may irreversibly sustain or break; lisa is organiser of summit in nov 2011 queen sofia is guest hosting (out of spain which the EU has so far been designed to collapse) 
-so may also be a once in a generation (dad message to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1qSQzTN7k  not filmed is fact that romano prodi was iytalian 1976 translator of enetrpreneurial revolution)  discuss future of all micro summits of 2010s grounded in life critical info flows; nazrul has been seconded from bangaldesh to help spain; he also accompanied mrs begum to the UN prize giving which spanish womens networks arranged 18 months ago since history makes it unclear whether microcredit would have been the greatest womens and youths movement without mrs begum's practices (led by dr yunus extreme conflict resoloution mentoring as well as innovative curiosity; and professors latifee work with patiently reforming conventional constitutions) 
4 *jonathan & lesley & 6000 would-be social business entrepreneurs hub (the only big capitals ER-network on an 18 months doubling moores curve) next "impossible become possible connections if right time people action place" between capi\tals and global vilages,parisians *estelle www.micious.org  and charlotte spent 2 months (summer 09) in bangladesh reporting yunus 69th birthday party wishes (that I unfairly asked sofia and mostifa to stir up with grameen and brac- who have just published proceedings of their recent microhealth conference) with charlotte majoring in health and estelle majoring in mobile technology and tv films with vivienne (deepest film-maker producer of 2010s exciting decade); estelle is also chief youth reporter of all french partnerships of yunus that we can reach 
5 kazi huque connects grameen-intel www.grameenintel.com  partnership whose first focus is mobile connectivity of information critical to monitoring which mothers are in mortal danger during pregnancy
6 *chris granville (my brother in law) was human face of accounting for BUPA (which was one of the few health insurances to have originated out of community-grounded coop models) for about a decade (prior to that sainsburys- a major family owner of the economist); he now consults on sustainabile healthcare purchasing to various NHS authorities; *charlotte's in final year aqt cambridge; also helps me searcgh archives ofn forbidden questions dad raised in old days when bbc woul only dialogue around biggest social issues on one-diomensional party political dimensions and which therefore need re-raising now; eg dads infamous 1984 healthcare survey 28 april 1984 Economist friont cover - patient in bed; his case statistics hannging over from of bed franme replaced by expoential graph of costs of NHS - and health-economics conversation opener: better care at one eighth the cost? almost every advanced country's system of medical finace is bring resuklts that are the opposite of thise predicted by its politicians, professed by itys doctors, believd by its voters and hoped for by its saints  
6a chris granville visted glasgow twice in 2010 and eric meade also travelled half way round the world to celebrate yunus 3 days in glasgow - declaration of interdependence weekend 2010; he brings alvin tofflers future schocking scenarios ; health is ever present in my famkily's readings of tofflers work:
7 monica is dr yunus's daughter; she can be the real thing of I'd like tio teach the world to sing in perfect harmony; trying to do that after the vietnam war with the hglobal market platfrorm of a by then fattening sugar drink does not seem to me to be as smart brandsing as trying to connect youth and community celebrations with 2010s most exciting youthworldbanking (ie fee market of banking) and since 2006 freeing global media of every market which is what 2050 readers understand dr yunus social busiess genre to invite networkers to do
8 *judy pitt is one of the uk's top 10 florence nightingales; I am sure she and barbara would know who most of the other 8 in UK are if they could skype
9 paris collaborates around yunus because of the danone communities (a an emrging medium with far more imporatrnce to future capitals than the dismal tv ad spot that dads 1976 entrepreneurial recvolution identifiued as the destroyed of free markets in the west's 3rq auarter of 20th C) portal amd major youth festivals that olivier has practice responsibility for; this also conects emerging knowledge on social busiess stockmarkets the way french entrepreneurial blood would fight for; somehow we need to help empower the french into european union 2.1; they have always been its core orchestartors and agricultural products social busienss investments passes through their elysses- in spite of danish media's attempts to divert your minds, breaking news from the elysse is work every family with a future attending to http://www.muhammadyunus.org/Search/?ordering=&searchphrase=all&searchword=sarkozy
10 best if you looked up *sir keith peters in who'who- restored cambridge university's reputation for science through medicine; known as the best UK leader any long term project team can get- some (eg open source genome) have been awarded nobel prizes for open soucing medical knowledge projects
11 *jeff devlin kept me sane in 10 years of working at gliobal managemen t consutancies run by accounatnts or by non-marketing global ad agent\ owners like martin sorrell; whether I recipriocated maybe dispiuted
jeff's 2 main practice areas I know of are medical and EU though he's into supply chains and would see the internet as capable of chamging anything my dad though we could 
12 paul komesaroff out of melbourne mixes his careers as maths and medical person with his ;post 9-11 practice of global reconciliation bring testifiers together from 100 countries including mary robinson and queen of jordan; somehow I gatecrashed his first GRN in 2003 as bartender as was invited to be GRN's regional newsletter; in dece,mber 2004: 500 of us met in delhi to get an update on what gandhi would suggest we practice; conference proceedings publications could disrupted cos week after this summit the tsunami hit; my greatest mentor in paul's network modjaba sadria connects cultural understanding between iran, london, japan, china and canada; during yunus first book tour he played the main riole in london and new york-also spending 60 minutes with dr yunus on train from NY to PA   http://www.youtube.com/caplinski#p/u/14/idn4vCtJ0Hs  paul studied at the sorboone to be a doctotr but found he didnt like blood
13 benedicte hosted the lunch out of which global social busienss parrtering emerged paris 2005;  along with her 20+ year long friend emannuel at danone she has been plotting human sustainability; emannuel's first work experience was with mother therese; benedict's a microcredit in s.america
14 borje's swedish family tree is in community banking; his own career is mentor to the sigificant per cent of swedes who volunteer abroad; he was first temporary director of yunus partbership at Asian Instiute of Technology; paul rose is bbc's reporter on oceans, poles and microcenergy- shares microenergy's judging panel with prince charles and lord sainsbury's eldest daughter www.ashdenawards.org - paul is successor to bbc';s david attenborough whose son and I were in the same class at school; david had this oddly opposite attitude to dad which I as an enx[poential risk modelller call kindly but terrifyingly over-respectful to command and control powers- david attenborough: media like bbc is so powerful that you as an inmdividual presnter should not question conventional wisdom (eg dangers of filthy climate) until its proven to be untrue; of course the histiory of the bbc is a sad one (if the scottish invention of tv had 10 years more experimentation before world war 2 came along the idea that the social business of public braiodcasting should be controled by gov's officail secrets might not have spun tv media the way it did; ask if you need dad's youtube on that piece of bad luck); ironically david's brother rrichard attenborough directed the movie "gandhi"; sadly rischard lost a grandchiold in te tsunami
trust me  energy and health are connecetd; as is the free university concept that was first entrepreneured out of s.africa by lesley's friend taddy blecher which the grameen nursing college is first component of bangladesh free womens university of medicine;
*mostofa is the only youth violager from bangaldesh of his generation to have come over to a western capital to help 40th anniversary celebrationosn of www.considerbangladesh.com ; sofia sometimes edits world citozen guidesd connecting poeple doing pionneering interviews etc with folk like jonasthan lesley taddy ... or hsoting birthday wish collaboration circles http://www.www.chaogen98.top/id43.html with fans of ingrid and yunus and fazle ab ed
Historical archive , London Fall 2007 
Outside of bangladesh, we believe London was authorised to be the first Yunus1000 research city in October 2007 . Various trial formats have been constantly questioned ever since

The Video 10*1000 format is currently a project linked out of
Brixton Hive Across the channel London-Paris Yunus forums are keeping track of the world's first SMBA which HEC has been appointed to test

Our earliest research emerged with the ad hoc social action committee of London- if Dr Yunus met 1000 people for 2 hours at the Quakers Friends House - how could we invite 300 social action or businesss teams of three to publish their initiatives and 100 of London's corporate and other leaders to come and celebrate creating a world without poverty

This is an example of the rough log we have been making at facebook on this topic - one of several community spaces where we rehearse the most diverse and youthful ideas

Yunus 1000 Forum London - next Yunus Uni & SBA's everywhere ?
During Feb 15-17, London & Bristol stage 3 public events involving over 2000 citizens; we rapidly need to fast forward to discussing how to peer to peer train SBA's if Yunus University if to rise and share the duty of inspiring young minds to action http://yunussocialactiongroup.org sustainable futures with with Clinton Global Uni

please forgive next section for being a rough idea - we will cme back and edit it

While the concept below (which I want to present a version of to yunus while he is london) asks londoners to think about how fast peer to peer training of SBA's can be achieved in a qaulity way, we naturally invite any city to collaborate in developing their peer training modules;

Next editions of the yunus book are appearing in French and german and london/UK wants to share the learnings through its good fortune of being the 2nd country to have hosted Dr Yunus booktours- as well this circulation's list connections with our epicentre for sampling 1000 books including a 475 club of world entrepreneurs in westminster jan 10-11

We hope to have ensured that london is a city where curiosity about mapping who is compounding what future as very human's right never dies.

Has your city done enough to ensure a similar fire - humanity's sustainability issues which all spiral out of ending poverty now that "death of distance) has made us so intimately interconnected are surely the modern olympics torch for humanity that we need to relay between every culture, community and every locality- why do we condition attention deficit order in youth with over-attention to psectator sports when humanity's own race is at stake?

COOL: whilst I believe citizens need to slowly but ever increasingly debate this sort of idea, perhaps its even more urgent taht alumni of the Clinton Global Uni that Mostofa jons next month do.

SBA (Yunus University) – every Social Business Active city needs as many SBA’s as MBA’s

To have read the book by Yunus

To have attended 5 2-hour courses – discuss whether there are the key modules – in London for example at the world entrepreneur summit,Sofia and I had a quick conversation with the owner of Happy Computers. He indicated that just as previously he had made his training centre available for fast Company London evening meetings 6-8.30, he would in principle support Yunus meetings. We could imagine the 5 modules being rotated monthly

To volunteer to peer answer questions that require less than 5 minutes of time on a specific practise that is registered with your city’s Forum or Yunus Freedom of knowhow hub

To contribute at last one entry a quarter to a city’s master blog on what practices peers and I have action learnt recently

Typical 2008/9 modules could be:

1 Is sustainability investment about organisational designs that maximise how much money they extract quarterly or purposefully value multiplying around a uniquely needed human service. How do you test whether an organisation is being governed to be a sustainable investment

2 Collaborating across citizen news centres (eg hubs and youtubes) to keep track of all cases of Yunus and Gates Capitalism where a world leading industry is partnering transparently in a Base of a Pyramid social business of in one or more nations

3 Understanding the community rising flows between social business and social actions- specifically debate what are the current 5 top meanings of Yunus that are resonating truth plays around your city; what one meaning is being used to twin with another city

-examples london:

*east/west reconcilaition

*big movements convergence of networks to help beggars

*what the heck is happening to world banking credit chains if the world's most sustainable bank isnt permitted to issue free credit

*why hasn't london's captains of industry come up with one world calss Base or Pyramid Capitalism partnhership yet the way ahead that both Yunus and Bll gates advovate


4 Reviewing cases of transformation in old systems world of NGOs, CSR, Governments or Development Elite involving systems that are measurable to compounding the end of poverty. Finding a way to ensure all nof the new future capitalsim genre is openly published on the web at same time as being printed as a book -perhaps this is the job of a free university publishing house

5 Surveying what your city’s education , media or professions are openly publicising as projects or systems that they would be happy for Dr Yunus to come and inspect, and record a youtube on.

Present and past alumni of SBA course could also contribute to the development of a catalogue of any claimed social business in the city and clarify who is a benchmark contact person for each such case.


coming soon

http://www.yunusuni.com also known since 2003 as Global Uni of Poverty http://globaluniversity.blogspot.com/

mail me at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you if you are listing a yunus project as your facebook notes- examples:


http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/publicaffairsbooks-cgi-bin/display?book=9781586484934&view=tour 11 us city tour of yunus new book starts jan 11 -apply fir $100 bursary to form most enthusiatic 5 person bookclub http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7900911873 http://grameen.tv/_wsn/page17.html

wow out of this world: dedicated to millions of women escaping poverty with microfinance.Kind regards,Milla & Tom.

What's the world record for 2 young people to achieve in a collaboration project with Dr Yunus- I'll vote for the Green Children Milla Sunde and Tom Bevan: building an eyecare hospital in Bangladesh in just about a year by singing and celebrating the way round the world with Yunus
their groups:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7214702129 http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5905830955
Yunus 1000 Forum will take place for 2 hours on a spring evening 2008 - probably at Quakers Friends Hall if available when Dhaka confirms exact date

For simplicity, we'll typically assume circles of 5 invited who urgently share a common community up project
that's 200 5-group invitations to make - provisional listing below

1-20 100 london-region people from facebook groups including1-5 nation clusters from
http://africanidol.tv/ and http://kibera.tv/ Africa++ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2721260456
21-40 from http://wes08.net/ - check 100 delegates is correct including members of the 1000 readership circle of Yunus book subtitled social business and future of capitalism http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5401874105
41 Supporters of Sunita Gandhi GEMS - see world citizen edu guide
42 Supporters of Free university - see Taddy Blecher (above guide): connect Yunus First Free Womens Univesrity
43 From
http://innovation-unit.co.uk - check DH
44 Supporters of Prince Frederick's 1500 Youth Entrepreneur Summit Sept 08 Philippines
45 Supporters of MicrocreditSummit 08 Pakistan
46 Supporters of E-W Reconciilation Project: Sadria, Aga Khan University
47 Friends of Brixton Hub Community-Building
48 South Bank Green In City Senior Patrons (to check) -200 green debating space from oct08
49 Supporters Yunus Music Stars
http://www.thegreenchildren.org/tgcf/community/tom http://universityofstars.tv
50 Entrepreneurial revolutionary media people mentored by dad from The Economist
51 Economist shareholders up for changing capitalism http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/publicaffairsbooks-cgi-bin/display?book=9781586484934
52 S Hussein - readers circle of somalia women cross-cultural understandings
53 Friends of TED wishes in London
54 Friends of Ashoka-Skoll in London
55 Espians latest hi-trust map search tool
56 Goleman alumni of emotional/socialintelligence
57 Open space alumni of Harrison Owen
58 Swedish-Norway LondonWorld Friends
59 Transparency Mapping group friends of
http://www.valuetrue.com and http://tr-ac-net.org
60 System club group
61 Simultaneous Policy
62 alumni of http://collaborationcafe.tv
63 Ukrainan soc-cap group (JM)
64 Sustainability alumni of Blaza (Imperial) & Banham (ex CBI)
65 Make Poverty History 2.1 Entrepreneurs - patrick moore circles
66 Collapsing World & GRN West Euro section
67 London friends of http://www.takingitglobal.org
68 International Exchange (PW) friends
69 Agents of Awareness - Sam...
70 friends of
71 United Diversity friends
http://exceptional-lives.blogspot.com - clare's community
73 friends of barefoot power
74 Caroline Ifeka Group for Rural Women Nigeria
75 Friends of Kibera
76 Friends of
77 Quakers circle
78 Actors for riots, carnivals and de-lurking
79 S.Moore circle
80 risk alumni of eg d. weir
81 entrepreneurial revlutinaries 85th birthday party of
http://www.normanmacrae.com - eg rainey,
82 activist wing of tomorrows company
83 consumer guide particilants of
84 experimenters with MiniFinance
85 Chief Brand Architecture Charterers/EIU Alumni year 12
86 Supporters of
http://www.omagine.com/ -m.b.
87 intern journalists at
http://grameen.tv/ and http://brac.tv/
88 contributors surveying the 100 most trusted of sustainability world 2007-2012
89 End Malaria circle
90 Alumni of sir nick stern
91 case cataloguers of base of pyramid- prahalad alumni see also
92 open society supporters (Soros)
93 Anders Nordica Region delegation
94 Friends of TheGreenChildren - second most subscribed youtube non-profit
95 Patrick's peers of penny on
96 Patrick's friends of the hunger project
181-200 Bangladeshi in London - check total 100 is expected
corporate leaders list
Ian Ryder searches computer worlds
Tony Manwaring cheer leads tomorrows company

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma unveils ambitious plan

Mission: 100 million new jobs

By Dana McCauley

He already runs the world's biggest online shopping company, but Alibaba founder Jack Ma is not satisfied.

The Chinese billionaire has unveiled an even more ambitious plan to expand the company's reach across the globe, creating 100 million new jobs and transforming the global economy to create a more equitable world.

It may sound pie-in-the-sky, but the goal forms part of mission statement of the US$261 billion company's visionary executive chairman.

In a letter to shareholders, Ma outlined Alibaba's achievements of the past financial year - including a gross merchandise turnover of more than $195 billion (1 trillion RMB), an "unprecedented" figure - before looking to the future.

"We have more than 430 million annual active buyers, which means one out of every three individuals in China has made a purchase on our retail marketplaces," Ma wrote.

But, he said, while proud of Alibaba's online shopping achievements, "we want to do far more", saying that the benefits of globalisation had not been spread evenly, but that "digital disruption will bring us closer to a level playing field for young people and small businesses".

"We are not merely trying to shift buy/sell transactions from offline to online, nor are we changing conventional digital marketing models to squeeze out a little additional profit," he wrote.

"We are working to create the fundamental digital and physical infrastructure for the future of commerce, which includes marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing, big data and a host of other fields."

The Alibaba group of companies, founded in 1999, accounts for 60 per cent of all Chinese online sales, and this year overtook Walmart as the world's largest retailer.


It has made Ma the second richest man in Asia, with a net worth of US$28.5 billion.


It's through cloud computing that Alibaba aims to expand its reach, and the company has been investing in the technology as part of a strategy that sees shoppers' data as the contemporary equivalent of mineral riches.

"Over the next 30 years, with computing power as the new 'technology breakthrough' and data as the new 'natural resource,' the landscape of retail, financial services, manufacturing and entertainment will be transformed," Ma wrote, forecasting a decades-long period of transformation.

"The internet revolution is a historical inflection point, much like when electricity was introduced, and it may have an even greater impact," he predicted.

Alibaba's mission, he said, was to "empower merchants with the ability to transform and upgrade their businesses for the future" and "help companies all over the world to grow".

"We believe, the commerce infrastructure we have created in China - marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing and big data, all working in concert - can be applied on a global scale to lift up small and medium businesses and ordinary consumers around the world."

Eight years after launching, Alibaba Cloud hosts 35 per cent of Chinese websites, while delivering cloud computing and big data services.


Ma said Alibaba was constantly adapting to the changing e-commerce environment, as staying at the forefront of innovation was key to its continued success.

"In the coming years, we anticipate the birth of a re-imagined retail industry driven by the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain," he said.

"With e-commerce itself rapidly becoming a "traditional business," pure e-commerce players will soon face tremendous challenges."

A shift to mobile revenue was one such change, he said, with mobile climbing from a single-digit percentage to three-years of total revenue from Alibaba's Chinese retail marketplaces, in the space of two years.

"This is why we are adapting, and it's why we strive to play a major role in the advancement of this new economic environment," Ma said.

Innovations like Alibaba's Qianniu app, which helps online businesses to improve sales and marketing while enhancing efficiency, were an example of the type of projects the company aimed to focus on.

"In 20 years, we hope to serve two billion consumers around the world, empower 10 million profitable businesses and create 100 million jobs," Ma said, adding: "This will be an even more difficult journey than the one behind us."


LISTEN : Newstalk ZB Political Editor Barry Soper speaks to Andrew Dickens on KPMG Early Edition

Mr Ma - who's worth around $50 billion - met with John Key in Beijing late yesterday. He made his money through founding the online commerce platform Ali Baba.

Standing alongside the Prime Minister, he heaped praise on the country, which he says is loved by many Chinese.

"At least 20 of my colleagues retired from Ali Baba. They're all very young, in their 40s, they all go to New Zealand."

"I asked what they do apart from the golf and green things and they say it's the people there."

It wasn't all social, with the Chinese billionaire also talking business.

Jack Ma told the entrepreneurs luncheon Kiwi businesspeople find it difficult to access the Chinese market.

Mr Ma said he wants to make that easier with his multi-platform organisation.

"We have Ali Baba University. We would either have courses in New Zealand or invite the entrepreneurs in New Zealand to stay in China for two weeks for training."

"The second is that we're going to open an Ali Baba business embassy next year in New Zealand."

John Key is in China meeting business and political leaders.



Innovation "Made in China" - The Case of Alibaba and the role of Net-based Small Business

Innovation is a key driver for economic development and social progress and small business is one of the best ways for people to express their willingness and capability to innovate.  Pervasive business ownership has, therefore, been the foundation in many societies for the continued improvement of people’s economic wellbeing. In the People’ Republic of China, however, private business ownership was prohibited between 1957 and 1978. Productive innovations were extremely restricted and as a consequence, China’s economy was on the verge of collapse by the end of 1978. The Chinese people had suffered a historic setback.

Alibaba’s growth, driven by unleashing grassroots entrepreneurship, has become an exemplar of China’s innovation in the 21st century.  Started by 18 young people in 1999, Alibaba has grown into a giant global internet platform and has made many invaluable contributions to China’s progress. Highlighting the importance of pervasive small business ownership in unleashing grassroots innovation and improving economic wellbeing, Professor Lowrey will discuss Alibaba’s innovative strategies and explain the economic theory behind its inspiring success.




Dr. Ying Lowrey is Professor of Economics at Tsinghua University and Deputy Director of the Tsinghua Research Center for Chinese Entrepreneurs, and a member of the Academic Committee for Alibaba Group Research Institute. Her teaching and research interests include economics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the internet and platform economy, the modern microfinance market, business demographics, characteristics of business owners, and the role of free enterprise and competition in the macroeconomy. 

She received her economics Ph.D. from Duke University, economics MA from Yale University and mathematics BS from Wuhan University. Before joining Tsinghua University in 2012, she served as senior economist at the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration and has taught economics at George Washington University and San Diego State University.


Selected publications 




Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepren…chris macraeNov 23, 200950 views

Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepreneur jobs in 2010s - who else would you vote at the centre of 100 million job creation leagues?
=====================update sumer 2016:
unlike oiher years spent with bangaldeshi inspired youth, i spent 2015-2016 mainly with a class of chinese female students - what brilliant minds and tirelss sources of human energy - i hope this summary of why the whole world can celebrate what jack ma is doing is near to the mark - but as always look forward to editing any errors which are mine alone
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc text 240 316 8157
was english language tutoring

In 1995 he was sent to the usa on an exchange mission and encountered the worldwideweb - then unknown in China. He determined the www would be the biggest job creating innovation of his (or his generations) life and hopefully of every Chinese entrepreneur he could valuably link into.

Over the next 15 years his wizard coding teams went from something that was little more than an electronic yellow pages for small businesses to conceiving sustainability generation's 2 greatest retailing platforms china or the world may ever have seen..

the taobao platform is the most valuable job creating concept retailers have ever mediated because it reverses the western trend of globalisiation of retailers, bankers and big corporations squeezing out local and small enterprises from having a market; how taobao did that is an extraordinarily detailed story but note how Ma was concerned to ensure even the most cut-off of Chinese villagers could start up on tao bao (rural ecommerce is one of the innovations that Ma has led the www purpose to linkin)

His other mall was pitched at the more usual high cost fashions of big global merchandisers. Because of complex property laws in chinese cities, most expensive retailers are not much of a joy to shop in. So ali baba created a lifestyle -eg celebrate singles day 11/11 shopping virtually rather than the physically exhausting interaction in The West's biggest shopping days of the year)

SO 365/24/7 consumers of ali baba can choose who they value developing most with their purchasing power as well as searching merchandise with global image or local cultural joy

Alibaba has become china's and probably the word's largest retailing channel. It does this with next to no merchandise but brilliant coding so that every store front on its platforms delivers with equal reliability. Hunting out exactly how Ma forms partnerships so that big data analysis benefits the smallest enterprises and most local consumers ought to be a job of whomever is sustainability goals greatest economist.

Intriguingly to ensure he could compete with the chinese internet companies that raced to co-create the www that Ma had opened space for in china, Ma IPO'd Alibaba through a process 2010-2015 while developing his secret sustainability weapon under private ownership. AlIpay is china's number 1 financial inclusion delivery system and maybe global youth most humanly productive coding achievement to date.

Comparing china's top 10 internet properties with the west's is very interesting. Are the consuming behaviours on ali baba more sustainable than those on amazon or ebay or paypal? Are the learnng behaviours on baidu more sustaining of youth than on google or coursera or microsoft's linkedin. Time will tell but note how speaking english, chinese and coding (as well as mother tongue) are probably what educators anywhere on planet earth should NOW be most valuing their global youth's future freedom to thrive entrepreneurially around.

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