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100 greatest friends of china and sustainable youth worldwide

WorldRecordJobs.com WRJ asks: Why can't all students be alumni of sdg world's greatest jobs creators?

This does not mean personally knowing the world's wealthiest or most socially innovative people- it does mean that a WRJ team and AI teacher trainers have

worked on turning Jobs creators knowhow into peer to peer actuon learning modules and all of these modules can be freely searched in one web

and that most teachers' job will change their own learning with thei advanced students as tech like cloud big-data-livelihoods

AI 5G IOT 5sense-augmentaion 3d cybersafe..accelerartes through global villages and supercities and maps world trade routes 

It also means spotting where a locality has a more diverse addition to community value creation than WRJ could see 

From commerce to ecommerce to AIcommerce

Let me start by saying Bezos is one of digital world's top 10 business genii- the way us intellectuals sponsired by property owners greeted dotcoms made it sensible that one should outlast others by being biggest

but what of a nation which has all its shoping markets controlled by one company- what of it university intellectuals

For most of the human race its great that jack ma's first visit to usa was to seattle as amawzon was being born and he went away with an opposite sort

of value multiplying question- how to create most livelihoods- jack had 10 years to test his idea (from 2001 joined by japan and stanford's great AI visionaries)

and to pitch it forward to be optimal for a smartmobile age instead of a desktop pc age but he decided not to sell stock but to make every way of distributing things across the continent of

china as economical as possible - taht ranged from including vilages in the supply chains to design last mile deliveries in cities to be

so flexible that everyone can be a shopkeeper (maker of some unique service) as well as a consumer. Jack's pathway also led to digital finance-

so the whol new economy of small enetrprise connctions is funded with the big data if who is buuloding what- in adam smith's sense jack has

designed a system so that it is in the best interest of every buyer and seller to strive for trust and happiness of marketing


this brings us to the question which peoples lives will be organsied around jack ma comerce economics and tech innovation , and which will be organsied around bezos

it is pretty clear that the most eastern quater of the world's people gravioated around japan far eastern islands as well as china mainland will vote for jacl's model

-in economic terms they repersent about 40% ogf world trade growing faster than anywhere else whatever economic vanadlaism mr trump injects


it6 is pretty clear that USA need to understand bezos vision- whats next for liveligho0o0d , safe and happy communities in a nation if one biggets virtual retauked and bankers who dont

understand eithyer the merchat nor the bricks consequences- the ame bankers that subr=primed the world are not discussing how neiborhoods change as most malls disappear

and as yet delivery is ever more expensive unless you contract everything to amazon's annual package

one of the things america neddes is a new curriculum written by bezos team that over-rides everything else being taight in bsuienss school becasue

the technolgy is chnaging so fast that half of the most valubke things a graduate could learn are chnaging every yera- and they are interdiciplianry

and need to get back to living in real communities and turning the cirner on eg americans spending twice

as much as anyoine else on health and probably twoce as much on safety - the worfld bezos has built however accidentally is beter and betetr for the very richest

and leaves the rest of famkilies out in the cold- we literally cant create productive futires without understanding the moves he will choose next

and politicians in dc are not helping - by quarreling over other things they are not valuing millennaisl as the only win-win currency anyb place has 

friends and curriculum desigers of NormanMacrae.net welcome you to EconomistBank.com (with more at www.Economisthealth.com ) we start by listing the hypotheses we use to help study 21st c curriculum of health and banking;your help in curriculum development and outreach is always cherished chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

healthy societies generate strong ecoonomies not vice versa-intergenerationally this is a process of rising or crashing exponentials (eg failed nations or us cities nobody wants to bring up families in -let5 alone amazon bezos wants to invest jobs/sustainable community in HQ2);
something unprecedented happened after the moon race 1960s between1970 and 2030 - as promised by World Record Jobs Creator Gordon Moore
,6 Generations of 100 times more info-comes-tech multiplied each decade- that means the half of the world aged under 30 in the 2020s together with their parents and grandparents are designing the most exciting time to be alive- winning will sustain our species worldide, losing will mean we go the way of the dodo- it is in this context that this former wall street banker turned consciusness mentor warned the UN of the 300 trillion dollar gap between 
the 17 SD goals that 200 nations keep chatting about and how the west designated asset grade investment

unfortunately by 2008 the usa demonstrated worst case examples of both of health & banking most vital community services - requiring citizens spend  double on health services than other developed nations and crashing the worlds banking system by a mixture of over speculatuon on property and by fake ratings systems which many of the biggest banks had trapped themselves in and which politicians had not bothered to question or regulate even though tech had clearly been changing opportunities to safely innovate finance extremely fast. 

20 years of fake media that led to mr trump's america: moreover backward precedence academics are hired in USA by all sorts of sigle vested interests to lobby and fake news of what;s happening through usa 2000-20 including how many other markets finances were by 2008 adversely impacted internationally particularly in rich europe as well as within different clusters of states (where foreclosure numbers later illustrated how often victims were punished and the guilty were set free to in all likelihood repeat some havoc a decade or so later)


HYPOTHESES  in detail

both of these markets -bank for everyone, health for everyone can leap forward hugely productively and socially with new tech-  what laws (amendments to the DoI text on happy free place to be)  constituted good banking when the horse was the fastest way to communicate are, where still used, likely to core to the problem of ever accelerating decline of usa and those who ally it

AIunited.city we map everywhere can now do both entrepreneurially and communally better than a paper currency printed by a government - the currency goal of an age that has invested trillions times moore in tech over the last 50 years should be as close as possible as valuing boys and girls as a country's win-win currency-

in a world of paper currencies, some places are always in short-term debt ; in a world of win-win investments in sustainability generation debt is not an indicator of a place doing a good or bad job- what livelihood prospects daughters of the nation have is -this can and indeed must be a positive index everywhere if sustainability gpoals afre gpoing to blossom as thriving communities the world wide

this in line with what mums dads, communities want and what has so far made nature treat humans as her evolutionary smartest nature- note her rules are bottom up- and borderless a bit like mobile G5 access can be - see AIdemocracy.com and US AI Caucus

all hypotheses point to health , finance and tech being literacies that teachers and children should start experiencing way befpore adolescence-

in a smart world the number 1 web or app might well help teachers and students rehearse these 3 curricula -and increasingly a vital network of the students improving these curricula would be the artificial intelligences themselves-( if you use eg amazon's alexis you could say you are using AI that has stidied far more of whats on amazon markets and who values what than any human can)- this suggest that big data on health and on finance while needing  to be kept private at individual levels could make health and finance much more productive for all starting to serve those who have had historically least access if only the cooridnators of this data are community servant leaders most deserving the trust both of the community they serve and all communities their millennials interact with- you cant for example say we will  make our community's health care/cost better by forcing sick members to emigrate; equally diaspora living in a richer place might naturally want to remit investments back to a poorer place and should be helped to do this directly in ways that verifiably achieve the health or local entrepreneur financing -world record job creator (former world bank leader) Jim Kim calls this the new POP (Preferential Option Poor)


 please note we welcome Q&A but  please clarify- are you questioning a hypothesis or examples which we are tring to find as benchmarks of potential hi-trust practice

using basically g2-3 tech (ie mobile text but not smartphone) - see fazle abed quadirs , kemnya's ibrahim, nick stern. more recently gates and jack ma

today www.bkash.com out of bangaldesh is the benchmark banking model fro bottom billion ubanked- innovations began with remittnce in kenya from abriad or from city to vilage- there the richer relative could exchnage money for mobile ;points- tehse would be texted to ,local merchant in vilage who would then exchange points back tgo acsh for poorest village family recipients 

Videos of bkash "bill gates"


See more videos of bkash "bill gates" 

imagine jhow much cheaper etxtging is tghan carryong money too and fro to vilages- also imagine how much smaller gtrasnc ations are now viable- mpesa nick hughes and mo ibrahim started kenya experiments on thsi cirac 2005- the quadr family based at mit boston and in dhaka bamngaldesh had already been the pioneer of mobile village phones, now they partnered with hugehes and the world trist truisted ngo brac, and built ww.bkash.com later verified by bill gates and jack ma as benchmar k for banking fro billion unbanmked 

notably bangaldesh microctredit was never about finace seprately it was about ttraingularising the 3 most trusted knowledge networks vilage mothers needed to emkpwer themselves:

food security

health service for infants an mothers

livelihood education 

this is how brac had already impacted over 200 million bvilagers livelihoods according to npr before integrating bkash-ironically if it had not been for the bidrers thue british left behing in retoring fromk colnisation, the bkash mo0del would be throving in most lowlying regions of asia between 25 celsius and the equatir- thsi is where oral rehydration is a skill vilage mothers need thuemelves to save over 25% of infanbts from dying from diarrhea. Brac now Brac Unipvesirt public health curriculum has been the training epicentre of orak rehydraytion -whiel ibvenegtd at a calcutta lab, nobody had scaled OR untoil brac did acro hunders of thsousands of vilages; in every way brac maximises how much if the vilage economy gorls and daugherts build



fortunately we know jack ma had been watching bangladesh's yunus since early 2000s-

951 views10 years ago

Entrepreneurial Revolution http://erworld.tv Last Lunch .. Norman Macrae , the unacknowledged giant of The Eco 

without learning girls curriculum of banking it is highly likely Ma wouldnt have timed alipay to leap into g3-4 finance by doing mobile to mobile cash transactions designed to grow market confidence of 700 emerging middle class chiense consumers let alone rural village supply chains -Alipay was designed to leap beyond credit cards- ecoomerce previously the biggest chace to redesign value chains around makers markets was nopw twinned with efinace humans biggest chance top get rid of big bad banking

Alipay uses peer to peer mobiles to comp;lete finacia tgransctions- its designed arpoundextraordinay large volumes of data including 11/11 in Novmber the world's a;rgest shopping day - just a dream a decade ago now Ma's market reality  Having all the data on ecmmerce enables jack to make credit decsions in ways fra more accurate than any credit rating systesm used in USA , and to ground this byh and with the people in the poorest commu8nities

we learn a lot about missing cuuriculum and livelihood education from people who co-blog with us- if you think you can drop me a line chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk =choosing which sector of our blogs whioch interests you most-if your country bans blogs tell us one you woujldlike us to send raw content on

 Economists for and by the people

EconomistAid.com sadly post world war good intentions of the west big G6 nations spiralled dismally after the death of JFK - entrepreneurs who are going beyond western models of aid are benchmarked here  

Economistuniversity.com missing lifelong curricula eg AI for Everyone impact every future skill apprenticeship that values youth - we need to trust youth networks trabsform universities as well as to value youth as every places greatest investment (ie win-win currency)- tect today means that half of the most valuable humanm stuff to learn  is changing every 12 months and needs to be ever more locally diverse -standrad exams and university regulated paper certificates are way past their sell by date- old professors cant keep up with 100 times moore tech and precenmce refencing journals are not what ai will value as intelligent; all of this might not mater if we were already orbiting sustainably out of every community but the exact oppoite being the case- listen to jack ma's ideas on change education system if you want your chiuldren to be gainfully employed and hopeful that their children will be on the right side of mother natire's climate and other evolutionary tules 

EconomistSports.net tv mass media chnaged the value chain of sports from local community participation to celebrity spectatir watching. How could we changed the value of sports? Well youth's greatest heroes could be matched with local community participationm not the fifa swiss bannk accounts that made a few adminstratitrs biullionaires and left superstars advertising';s most costly image marketers. Jack Ma Japan the Olynpocs have promised to redesign value of theior platform- who will join in? Huge opportunities for womens superstars to match their endoersements with girl empowerment and girl designed AI - see GAIIB.com Girls AI Investmentment Banking and QuarterBillionGirls.com helping educators train AI teachising assistants

EconomistBelt.com today anyone can trade learning with anyone else with a mobile phone but 90% of world trading of things depends on access to ships and trains ; as we remap 21st C infrastricuire ec=very new bordre linkedin is an opportunity for youth celebrations as well a regions most urgently diverse sdg challenges:  well as twin nation entrepreneurial hubs and chambers of commerce- which economiust  understand this once in a l.ifetime opportunity to design worldwide that values girls as much as boys,, eg start with EWTP dociuments prepped by the first citizen netwirks year studying the new sdgs


 Universities that value youth livelihoods and sdgs


bcmrace.com if the only time the student you is permitted to innovate is summer break tell us what networks of alumni you are looking for -example the 10000 dvds students made of dr yunus summer 2008- the first and last time norways nobel prize team came to dhaka to launch a museum of poverty in dr yunus' name chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

1461.world  #metoo for better for worse 1461 days of usa angd global dominace under trump will be like no other times on earth -isnt it time that we designed hi-trust hi-tech so 8 billion people's ideas  (hopes as parents or parents to be) matter more to public servants than 1 supreme leader?

AIIBnews.com -2017 island south of korea:  my first time attending a summot with 100 nations central bankers- i thought i might be out of my depth but fortunately there were 3 tribes- the goodwilled who wanted to invest in whatever humanity most needs however long the payback , and 2 tribes that just went round muttering inetrgenerational investments is not possible- fortuanatelly the summit was hosted by the governor of jeju GreenBigBang.comthat declared that he wante to unite 2000 place leaders in racing to green -and since he can make up his own laws on who imigrates to the island o0nly type 1 banking apprioved entrepreneurs need apply

socialworldtrade.com trade like other networking platfroms needs the mo0st transparent mapping integrating everyone's voice - by a series of hostorical accudents it may that only geneva can sort out sustainable trade - see ITU UNCTAD WTO WHO UNCTAD WEF DigitalCooperation UNOG (peacekeeping) 

socialworldtrade.com - as Economist journalists reported between 1843 and 1989:  map purspoeful goodwill meyrics across yrading platforms and gtrade is the only positive way humans have to create epace and sustain the planet- however spiral donald trump like trading sustems and the opposite becomes true and can become irreversible 

Chimathanks.com curricula on maps that can be most apprecoated by undertading labs in china and linking its 15 neighbpors including half the wporld people to ist south and half the world energy resources to its north and half the wporld most human AI investirs all around the east asian coatsal belt 

WorldRecordJobs.com home of the Games of WRJ Creation and Chiense edition of Dictilionary of Wlorld Record jobs 


guide round tsinghua

 @paulhaenle carnegie


schwarzman with hong kong's number 1 billionnaire and japans number 2 launcvhes the rhodes scholarships of china

jack ma biographer ying lowrey

language ambassadors with unesco

brookings green finance and other new economic models 


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Alibaba founder Jack Ma unveils ambitious plan

Mission: 100 million new jobs

By Dana McCauley

He already runs the world's biggest online shopping company, but Alibaba founder Jack Ma is not satisfied.

The Chinese billionaire has unveiled an even more ambitious plan to expand the company's reach across the globe, creating 100 million new jobs and transforming the global economy to create a more equitable world.

It may sound pie-in-the-sky, but the goal forms part of mission statement of the US$261 billion company's visionary executive chairman.

In a letter to shareholders, Ma outlined Alibaba's achievements of the past financial year - including a gross merchandise turnover of more than $195 billion (1 trillion RMB), an "unprecedented" figure - before looking to the future.

"We have more than 430 million annual active buyers, which means one out of every three individuals in China has made a purchase on our retail marketplaces," Ma wrote.

But, he said, while proud of Alibaba's online shopping achievements, "we want to do far more", saying that the benefits of globalisation had not been spread evenly, but that "digital disruption will bring us closer to a level playing field for young people and small businesses".

"We are not merely trying to shift buy/sell transactions from offline to online, nor are we changing conventional digital marketing models to squeeze out a little additional profit," he wrote.

"We are working to create the fundamental digital and physical infrastructure for the future of commerce, which includes marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing, big data and a host of other fields."

The Alibaba group of companies, founded in 1999, accounts for 60 per cent of all Chinese online sales, and this year overtook Walmart as the world's largest retailer.


It has made Ma the second richest man in Asia, with a net worth of US$28.5 billion.


It's through cloud computing that Alibaba aims to expand its reach, and the company has been investing in the technology as part of a strategy that sees shoppers' data as the contemporary equivalent of mineral riches.

"Over the next 30 years, with computing power as the new 'technology breakthrough' and data as the new 'natural resource,' the landscape of retail, financial services, manufacturing and entertainment will be transformed," Ma wrote, forecasting a decades-long period of transformation.

"The internet revolution is a historical inflection point, much like when electricity was introduced, and it may have an even greater impact," he predicted.

Alibaba's mission, he said, was to "empower merchants with the ability to transform and upgrade their businesses for the future" and "help companies all over the world to grow".

"We believe, the commerce infrastructure we have created in China - marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing and big data, all working in concert - can be applied on a global scale to lift up small and medium businesses and ordinary consumers around the world."

Eight years after launching, Alibaba Cloud hosts 35 per cent of Chinese websites, while delivering cloud computing and big data services.


Ma said Alibaba was constantly adapting to the changing e-commerce environment, as staying at the forefront of innovation was key to its continued success.

"In the coming years, we anticipate the birth of a re-imagined retail industry driven by the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain," he said.

"With e-commerce itself rapidly becoming a "traditional business," pure e-commerce players will soon face tremendous challenges."

A shift to mobile revenue was one such change, he said, with mobile climbing from a single-digit percentage to three-years of total revenue from Alibaba's Chinese retail marketplaces, in the space of two years.

"This is why we are adapting, and it's why we strive to play a major role in the advancement of this new economic environment," Ma said.

Innovations like Alibaba's Qianniu app, which helps online businesses to improve sales and marketing while enhancing efficiency, were an example of the type of projects the company aimed to focus on.

"In 20 years, we hope to serve two billion consumers around the world, empower 10 million profitable businesses and create 100 million jobs," Ma said, adding: "This will be an even more difficult journey than the one behind us."


LISTEN : Newstalk ZB Political Editor Barry Soper speaks to Andrew Dickens on KPMG Early Edition

Mr Ma - who's worth around $50 billion - met with John Key in Beijing late yesterday. He made his money through founding the online commerce platform Ali Baba.

Standing alongside the Prime Minister, he heaped praise on the country, which he says is loved by many Chinese.

"At least 20 of my colleagues retired from Ali Baba. They're all very young, in their 40s, they all go to New Zealand."

"I asked what they do apart from the golf and green things and they say it's the people there."

It wasn't all social, with the Chinese billionaire also talking business.

Jack Ma told the entrepreneurs luncheon Kiwi businesspeople find it difficult to access the Chinese market.

Mr Ma said he wants to make that easier with his multi-platform organisation.

"We have Ali Baba University. We would either have courses in New Zealand or invite the entrepreneurs in New Zealand to stay in China for two weeks for training."

"The second is that we're going to open an Ali Baba business embassy next year in New Zealand."

John Key is in China meeting business and political leaders.



Innovation "Made in China" - The Case of Alibaba and the role of Net-based Small Business

Innovation is a key driver for economic development and social progress and small business is one of the best ways for people to express their willingness and capability to innovate.  Pervasive business ownership has, therefore, been the foundation in many societies for the continued improvement of people’s economic wellbeing. In the People’ Republic of China, however, private business ownership was prohibited between 1957 and 1978. Productive innovations were extremely restricted and as a consequence, China’s economy was on the verge of collapse by the end of 1978. The Chinese people had suffered a historic setback.

Alibaba’s growth, driven by unleashing grassroots entrepreneurship, has become an exemplar of China’s innovation in the 21st century.  Started by 18 young people in 1999, Alibaba has grown into a giant global internet platform and has made many invaluable contributions to China’s progress. Highlighting the importance of pervasive small business ownership in unleashing grassroots innovation and improving economic wellbeing, Professor Lowrey will discuss Alibaba’s innovative strategies and explain the economic theory behind its inspiring success.




Dr. Ying Lowrey is Professor of Economics at Tsinghua University and Deputy Director of the Tsinghua Research Center for Chinese Entrepreneurs, and a member of the Academic Committee for Alibaba Group Research Institute. Her teaching and research interests include economics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the internet and platform economy, the modern microfinance market, business demographics, characteristics of business owners, and the role of free enterprise and competition in the macroeconomy. 

She received her economics Ph.D. from Duke University, economics MA from Yale University and mathematics BS from Wuhan University. Before joining Tsinghua University in 2012, she served as senior economist at the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration and has taught economics at George Washington University and San Diego State University.


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Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepren…chris macraeNov 23, 200950 views

Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepreneur jobs in 2010s - who else would you vote at the centre of 100 million job creation leagues?
=====================update sumer 2016:
unlike oiher years spent with bangaldeshi inspired youth, i spent 2015-2016 mainly with a class of chinese female students - what brilliant minds and tirelss sources of human energy - i hope this summary of why the whole world can celebrate what jack ma is doing is near to the mark - but as always look forward to editing any errors which are mine alone
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc text 240 316 8157
was english language tutoring

In 1995 he was sent to the usa on an exchange mission and encountered the worldwideweb - then unknown in China. He determined the www would be the biggest job creating innovation of his (or his generations) life and hopefully of every Chinese entrepreneur he could valuably link into.

Over the next 15 years his wizard coding teams went from something that was little more than an electronic yellow pages for small businesses to conceiving sustainability generation's 2 greatest retailing platforms china or the world may ever have seen..

the taobao platform is the most valuable job creating concept retailers have ever mediated because it reverses the western trend of globalisiation of retailers, bankers and big corporations squeezing out local and small enterprises from having a market; how taobao did that is an extraordinarily detailed story but note how Ma was concerned to ensure even the most cut-off of Chinese villagers could start up on tao bao (rural ecommerce is one of the innovations that Ma has led the www purpose to linkin)

His other mall was pitched at the more usual high cost fashions of big global merchandisers. Because of complex property laws in chinese cities, most expensive retailers are not much of a joy to shop in. So ali baba created a lifestyle -eg celebrate singles day 11/11 shopping virtually rather than the physically exhausting interaction in The West's biggest shopping days of the year)

SO 365/24/7 consumers of ali baba can choose who they value developing most with their purchasing power as well as searching merchandise with global image or local cultural joy

Alibaba has become china's and probably the word's largest retailing channel. It does this with next to no merchandise but brilliant coding so that every store front on its platforms delivers with equal reliability. Hunting out exactly how Ma forms partnerships so that big data analysis benefits the smallest enterprises and most local consumers ought to be a job of whomever is sustainability goals greatest economist.

Intriguingly to ensure he could compete with the chinese internet companies that raced to co-create the www that Ma had opened space for in china, Ma IPO'd Alibaba through a process 2010-2015 while developing his secret sustainability weapon under private ownership. AlIpay is china's number 1 financial inclusion delivery system and maybe global youth most humanly productive coding achievement to date.

Comparing china's top 10 internet properties with the west's is very interesting. Are the consuming behaviours on ali baba more sustainable than those on amazon or ebay or paypal? Are the learnng behaviours on baidu more sustaining of youth than on google or coursera or microsoft's linkedin. Time will tell but note how speaking english, chinese and coding (as well as mother tongue) are probably what educators anywhere on planet earth should NOW be most valuing their global youth's future freedom to thrive entrepreneurially around.

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