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adam smith- 260th year of ada smiths q&a- how can peoples map best energy & intel of machine & human
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sdg curriculum of engineering -2020s 27th & last decade of war between man, machine, nature
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Music for sdgs linking youth arts, sports,stars
AI try designing your own twitter curriculum and AI for everyone curricula
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Many failures of G8 economics - -risk to communities?? -does edu linkin virtual*real maps of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
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jinping us agriculture exchanges since 1985
curriculum of rice , & of earthquakes
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EWTP: China Thanks - Digital Free Trade Zone by Ma
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SMBa curriculum Industrial Revolution 1 to 4 - does donald get small enterprises
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future of schools- by 2030 your nations future will...
Norman Macrae foundation : www library of Entrepreneurial Revolution ranking 100 leaders of youth sustainability
how to create 3 billion jobs with e-e-economics
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100 global youth community videos with thanks to advice from muhammad yunus
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Enter subhead content here asks how much the half of the world aged under 29 value The Economist's curriculum of 100% Job Rich world.

....and why do parents in the half of the world aged over 29 devalue open learning of such goodwill sustaining curricula

In 1984 Keynsians' book on net generation predicted  that all which 21st C could be will depend on peoples' consciousness everywere by 2005 that:  gaps in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations will be man's greatest risk 

Since 1972 our main freedom of speech concern has been : will the net generation be sustainable as the amount spent on communications in ricer nations rises exponentially from about 3% in 1948  to over 20% of all monetary and human investment #2015now 

online library of norman macrae--  

Today we like to contrast where views are different (or blend with)  West Coast USA which became first to design almost everything that is web or mobile related.

To illustrate the columns show:a quest for 4 cuuricula african millennials obs most need to be freed by,  an on-demand mooc's view, a pan-americas and Catholic view, as well as links to some other views...................................................................

Who have we left out or over-focused on- rsvp partners in publishing world record book of job creation 


The core of Entrepreneurial Revolution dialogues hosted by Keynsians starting in 1972 at The Economist is spending over a quarter of all people's lives and money on communications can be great if thats mainly linking open learning needed for net generation's jobs BUT will be terrifyingly unsustainable if its spent on ad media and big brother's vested interests.


In 2015 the simplest way to demonstrate this argument is to map best for millennials open learning curricula- for example we would be appy to elp african milennails free these 4 curricula : health, food, mobilising global finance for girls and women, 17th year of partbnersips in linking mandela extranet aimed at transformation of curricula from 7th grade up to maximise jobs (sout african goal 1 million new jobs created by education by 2020)


C1 Haiti and Peruvian grassroots movements of world class health for poorest in partnership with boston since 1982, and Soros circa 1996 and Rwanda 00s and world bank DC since 2012 and West Africa 2014 Peruvian, and Colombian and Americas contuient-wide views of milennials entrepreneurs since 2001 with OAS (hub near white house DC) and IADB - next heads of states debrief Panama April 2015 - since about 2012 with additional west coast partbnership blum centre berkeley

C3 NobelforPeace Rome/ Catholic views - since 2000 through network of nobel peace laureate annual summits Club of Rome (in partbership with Gorbachev who is also open society partner of Soros) and since 2013 linking 18% of the world who are Catholic through Pope Francis movement of public service webbed through every community that Catholics can help regenerate (similar cultural values as those of global social health started at C1.

Populations & Youth Economies across World Inspired by Pope Francis & Rome

Note median age of world is about 29- compare  some mainly catholic (pop) countries median age of counry' :  58 million Italy age 44; 150 million brazil 31; 100 million mexico 27; 72 million philippines 23 ; 71 million usa; 42 million Colombia 28; 36 million Argentina 30; 27 million Peru 26; 7 million Haiti 21; 12 million Chile 32; 25 million Venezuela 26; 13 million Ecuador 26; 3 million Panama 27;  36 million Democrati Congo 17; 21 million Nigeria 19; 14 million Uganda 15; 13 million Tanzania 17; 45 million France 40 ; 42 million Spain 41; 35 million Poland 38


Curriculum 5 is also main recommendation of 12th annual publication of The Good (& Bad) Hubs Guide - every pro-youth jobs future capital needs a hub owned by students linking most open collaboration netwirking of MIT mobile alumni and PIH's medical millennials

Coursera on-demand : Beyond Silicon Valley - growing entrepreneursip in transitioning economies  Case Western


role of gov in entreprenurial ecosysmer - exchange india to cleveland, also eg from Tunisia and Vietnam 


 Role of Philanthropy/Donors video lecture explores how foundations in Cleveland came together to form the The Fund for Our Economic Future ( to provide funding alongside government and the private sector to entrepreneurs. Role of Philanthropy/Donors


MODULE 6: Leveraging Anchor Institutions


7. Access to Capital and Mentoring
Entrepreneurs working outside of Silicon Valley with struggle with everyday: where to find capital (and mentoring) to grow their start-up companies. The Access to Capital and Mentoring module includes three video lectures: Seed Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Venture Capital. We trace how donors and government backers in Cleveland and selected international markets have come together with the private sector to support each of these areas.

Readings: Access to Capital and MentoringReading




 What Training Curricula do young people need massive access to if the human race is to be sustainable? (see UN crisis report  on goals neeed to unite 21st C human race)

As friends of the 5 billion people elearning satellite Yazmi (owned by an Ethiopian in Washington DC) we are helping with a survey. Your votes welcome. Please tell us of any curriculum you value most. All kinds of currciula matter. eg Gandhi and Montessori alumni at Lucknow India have developed a way in which children can help almost any illterate adult read a newspaper within 50 days. In fact many kids adopt an adult during their summer holidays. It may be that this curriculum can be most assisted with a free ad. Other curricula can  make 5 billion peoples elearning satellite prime time with your support. How say you? And which of the curricula we enjoy most below would you like to know more about? washington dc region 301 881 1655 


.............................44th year of survey started by end-poverty Keynsians 1972- caveats #2015now map of whose knowhow networks Sustainability Millennials (SM) can trust most


10 Farmer (Boston-Haiti open health partbership at 30)

9 Kim (Koreans view of peace and health generates pro-youth economies not vice versa)

8 Abed (Bangladesh barefoot networks at 45) 

Faith-PeaceM (largest outreach)

- recently deceased Mandela

7 Current Pope Francis

PlaceM intergeneration & borderless Leaders

6 Soros and Gorbachev 

5 Friends of Abdul Latif (including Japan) or Legatum (including MIT) 

Open Media

4 Berners Lee and Jack Ma

3 Kenya First Ladies twinned with Bangladesh poorest mobile mothers

2,1 still searching for #2015now 

links DC 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Boston 0  1  2  3  4 SanF 1  2

Americas : H Pa Co Pe Ch

Asia BRAC  Grameen Lucknow

Africa Kenya 1 2 S.Africa 1

Yazmi could be the best news in 44 yearsof celebrating every way that elearning media can be the opposite of mass tv

..IF education could change the world back to sustainability, which curricula would need to be free to all youth?.

who agrees with view- if we value half of the world who are under 30 then we must make sustainability defining social movement - and education opportunity - of our generation 2015-2030

2015.1 UN  2013.1 worldbank  1976.1


.....................................2015's most vital practice curriculum - those helping end ebola have spotted many poorest countries need massive community health training networks : 1) so ebola never happens again 2) so that a growing econmy isnt destroyed (Liberia had become one of Africa's rising stars for productive livelihoods). What menu of health solutions does a community health networker need to be apprenticed in? and which 5 future capitals (eg Boston, Haiti, Dhaka...) and which people in world know most about currciculum content ? Kim -now World Bank? Farmer -PIH? Soros Open Society? Abed BRAC?  email correspondence WP2015.1 Fortunately the greatest youth entreprenur mentoring networks linkin across americas youth and national leaders - next debrief panama april 2015 015- YABT and TICamericas brilliant idea started by young peruvian and colombians 12 ueras ago-now most exciting thing to linkin around the square mile of white houses and.... oter exciting youth entrepreneur networks 1 MIT 2 wherever royal family and branson set up island entrepreneurs Peace alumni networking? Why does Nobel Laureate belive every young person should examine social business befpre leaving school? How is Atlanta as his favorite capital inviting other pro-youth capials co-host a movement for valuable to youth than the Olympics or any sporting world series? Which other Nobel Peace laureates social actions does Romehave 15 years of experience of helping youth celebrate by practising? Our ref WP2015.2 breaking news jan 2015 additional site 20 years ago the world's poorest vilage women were invited to test how to use mobile phones. Today women4empowerment has invented 10 of the most brillaint leap forwards. For example the coming economy of a billion women previously unbanked. The economy of a billion solar energy families who were previoiusly off any electricity grid - do you want to help linkin this curriculum our ref WP2015.3

Out of S Africa Blecher partbers of Mandela have spent 16 yeras identifying missing curricula of ob creation that any schoolin system from age 9 to 17 can celebrate. Our ref W2015.4


 ...........................................................................In which poorest african and other nations are frineds of pop stars Bono and Dban proving their case that investing 10% of nation's capital in agriculture is most effective way to end poverty? When it comes to cuuricula what do small farners families youth need to know so that they help create not ust great livelihoods but feed the nation and  sustain its trade with the world Our ref 2015.5       




About Norman Macrae Family Foundation for Youth Journalists of Economics and Open Education - 6 generations of our international scottish family have been concerned with
questioning who's economics and who's policy are ruling how the first net generation's 7 billion livelihhods are spent?
Freedom example: valuing equality's rights how do women, youth and the poorest get as much voice over their futures as men, old and richest?

economic policymakingYouth Capitalism choices Road to Atlanta Nov 2015 courses -  twin job creating capitals NETGEN social movement

MOOCYUNUS: -64 Trillion Dollar Question - that's what capitalism is currently worth a year- Twin Your City with DC-Atlanta Race - can thousands of youth unite one open edu curriculum of future capitalism before thousand of Profs siloise it?  


Which 30 capitals or nations will be first in partbering in youth jobs summits being move valuable to co-host in 21st C than Olympics in 20th C
Rome  largest servant leaders trust webs .. S.Africa education; haiti and boston health - nairobi mobile leapfrog 2 dhakamobile leapfrog 2 ; tokyo corporate impacts china expats metaports;  dubai m.east futures .. Budapest home of world record job creator George Soros
Map Youth Jobs Summits -WB :014 013 ,,,  Nobel Peace : AT15: Rome14: WAR13  YABT Panama 015 iadb DC014 013 rsvp 

YOUTH Invite economists to discuss any wrong turns since 1758

 + Add Tag
Being an internationalist Scot interested in systems designed to opitimalise all humans (notably sustaining  all our childrens) livelihoods (productive freedoms as entrepreneurially described in opening lines of 1776 declaration of Independence) I suggest rewinding to 1758 when Adam Smith published theory of moral sentiments . Q1 To integrate every cultural viewpoint please tell us of other starting points for exploring open systems -eg Yin & Yang Exercise 1 would you vote for or against von hayek's assertion that one of the 10 most dismal things after world war 2 was the way the Nobel Prize siloised the Yin of Peace from the Yang of economics (twitter about what consequences of mastering valuation and professionalism spiralled from separating these 2 types of system designers?)
My father Norman Macrae spent his last days as teenager navigating airplanes over modern-day Bangladesh. He survived, went up to Cambridge to be mentored by Keynes. Keynes' last few pages of General Theory define economics to be blended with designing peaceful futures- he specifically says because "increasingly futures are designed by economists" the greatest risks to the futures of next generations are elderly economists who either make an erroneous assumption in their system of rules, or where innovation changes the rules. Q2 have you ever been taught not only how to administer a system of rules but also to ask whether the system is reaching the limits of its sustainability? If so do you know of a case where the professionals who operated the system led the change-over to a new system exponentially ahead of time?

After Keynes my father worked as The Economist's pro-youth economist.
In his 1972 survey of the next 40 years he called for a review of all the short-terms fixes that politicians and economists had made before the net generation emerged at start of the 21st century in the midst of the greatest media and productivity revolution our human race has ever explored. Without such a review the survey predicts total meltdown of the global financial system in the 2010s. Q3 my daughter inspired by those such as Muhammad Yunus twinning future capitals along  Road to Atlanta Nov 2015 has started up a blog - if you do find a macroeconomic rule that you feel the poorest women have a right to ask the world to reconsider please come and co-blog it

What are the system designs that jobs creating youth might want economist to revalue urgently? Here are some of my favorites - Q4 what are yours?

First wont many of us as knowhow networkers want to opitimise our virtual/worldwide poroductivities not just those confined within a single nation's borders? If so how does the professor's opening framework linkin that? 

 if economics is to represents the productivities and demands of 99% of people not be commissioned as the vested interest of 1%, isnt it better to adopt the Keynes view that economics devalues itself as soon as it becomes politically tribal or mediated by big moneys vested interests?

Third whenever you look at an economic framework- ask (as any mathematician is honor bound to do) what choices it actually censors out from even questioning the human worth of. Some that concern me most in helping hosts twinning youth jobs summits across capitals (what world bank jim kim calls the defining social movement of the net generation) are:

--why are all currencies designed by governments - what we see from the most inspired digital experiments of ending poverty is cashless banking which could be sustained by a worldwide youth currency

--collaboration (way above zero-sum models)
 is the open source advantage of the net generation - how are its dynamics represented in any ruling  economic model; and more specifically does the model wholly value how knowhow can multiply value in use unlike the industrial age scarcities caused by consuming up things 

--it becomes pretty clear that old economic models are framed to make the case that abundant/renewable sources such as open education and solar are "not economic". BUT in the world I want my daughter to live in any such model is not merely as inconvenient truth -dismally it turns the economist into a less trustworthy character than my profession as a statistician is dubbed with (liars, damned liars, and S)

Ending much more joyfully, I would recommend as a benchmark - its the bright side of Europe's east today
its the bottom-up billionnaire George Soros' invitation to youth to rethink economics from the ground up, and why shouldn't khan academy's next theme help with that in such a way that Open Society, Open Source, Open everything possible is valued the way nature does in selecting who are to be the players on her whole planet


43rd year of Charter of Entrepreneurial Revolution

We would love to hear from you if you value spreading this 21st c curriculum of economics started in The Economist 1972 (codename Entrepreneurial Revolution)


The greatest investments humanity makes are not through its largest organisations but in its children through families - and where they lack capacity or happiness through supporting community

What's your dream world- the 7 wonders of ER are:

 Where education is job-creating, open and frees youth's to explore their livelihoods

 Where media chartering is smart connecting a planet around collaborative innovation of  sustainability solutions every community may need most to empower -linkin open society and open source technology and digital networking's death of distance



We adopt the Keynsian mindset that economists systemically "design/compound futures.' More than any other expertise they need to value the hippocratic oath of do no harm. The number 1 job of the economist is to end poverty of the sort that fails to invest in each child's freedom to be productive


Where public servants rule-driving professionals are connected around whole truth search for ending inequality and capital structured around family savings for next generation's jobs, as well as win-win trades with neighbours

Where clean food, water, energy, pathways to zero-waste are locally accessible to all

43rd year of Charter of Entrepreneurial Revolution

 We would love to hear from you if you  value spreading this 21st c curriculum of economics started in The Economist 1972 (codename Entrepreneurial Revolution)


The greatest investments humanity makes are not through its largest organisations but in its children through families - and where they lack capacity or happiness through supporting community



We adopt the Keynsian mindset that economists systemically "design/compound futures.' More than any other expertise they need to value the hippocratic oath of do no harm. The number 1 job of the economist is to end poverty of the sort that fails yo invest in each child's freedom to be productive



The coming communications revolution of the net generation offers 10 times more for  humanity to win or lose than the industrial revolution with its wars over who and where should participate in 200 times more health and wealth than 1800.


Principles of Entrepreneurial Revolution:




What's your dream world- the 7 wonders of ER are:

 Where education is job-creating, open and frees youth's to explore their livelihoods

 Where media chartering is smart connecting a planet around collaborative innovation of  sustainability solutions every community may need most to empower -linkin open society and open source technology and digital networking's death of distance

Where public servants rule-driving professionals are connected around whole truth search for ending inequality and capital structured around family savings for next generation's jobs, as well as win-win trades with neighbours

Where clean food, water, energy, pathways to zero-waste are locally accessible to all

Where basic health services are locally available and innovation is valued around search for extremely affordable

Where next  global village infrastructure enabling local to local trade for 99% of people isnt party political but benchmarked from round the world examples

Where peacekeepers and economic mapmakers are blended in agreeing whatever sector you spend your life practising service in most is led by the purpose that most progresses the next generation's lot. Where every possibility to model way above zero-sum is assumed to be the innovation net generation are invited by elders of every culture to joyfully explore. Where the human race to poverty and unemployment museums becomes United.









The Only Macroeconomic Question That Ever Truly Mattered?


Would the first net generation 1984-2024 design a currency that credited worldwide youth's local productivity and borderless collaboration to the fullest?


Let me declare a cross-cultural bias. This question came from the Diaspora Scottish Entrepreneurial tradition valued by Adam Smith. That which values the morality and emotional energies of the human race - let alone economics - as exponentially sustained from the bottom up.


Adam's reasoning mediates freedom round the transparency of communities designed around information flows where you may be able to fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time. Whence the logical intergenerational leader values whole truth's bigger purpose fro humanity with whatever practical context he invests next generation's lives in,


There are several convergent ways to identifying why this is the only macroeconomic question capable of gravitating sustainable growth by and for all peoples. I know details about three of these:

1) Historical analysis of generations between 1864 and 2024

2) A futures book that three of us co-authored on the next capitalism of the net generation in 1984 -after 12 years of research of what readers of The Economist dared to believe the fitsy global vlage generation's wholeplanet purpose could be

3) Mathematical models of goodwill , transparency and exponential sustainability which space does not permit me to discuss here





Ask yourself to list the main currents around our planet

1864-1904; 1904-1944; 1944-1984; 1984-2024


Macroeconomically do you see that , for better and worse:


Decisions that financed the world between 1864-1904 were made in pounds sterling?


Between 1904-1944 wars were fought across the continent stretching from East Russia to Portugal, from Norway to Turkey to end trust in the pound as the world's reserve currency. The way this appeared to get resolved to Western Eyes was that the dollar became the currency that financed global market decision making.


Through goodwill of hi-trust leadership, the dollar's initial refinancing of Europe and out of Japan from 1945 was well gravitated. But in spite of the work of Keynes and his alumni the challenge of how would the dollar prepare for its succession by worldwide youth went missing as an age got spun by tv adverts causing western politicians to command and control over "democracy" while rigging decisions against sustaining thee majority "unrepresented" populations : youth, women and the poorest



When three of us wrote this book in 1984, I hope I understood the exponential consequences of the questions we were asking about open education ( my first job from 1972) and of green energy. I felt the logic of my father's geopolitical forecast that the USSR would fall by 1988 but wasn't comy with how that drew all the critical attention away from other innovation challenges the book wanted to raise. And I hadnt even begun to think about the macroeconomic crisis of designing globalisation of finance around the dollar instead of youthworldbanking.


Before my father died in 2010, he met a man who had not only thought since 1983 about a global village youth currency but had banked it out of a country with the most potential to raise its next generation's livelihoods. The man was Muhammad Yunus and the wholeplanet curency crisis is upon us. I do hope that there are a few people (Jim Kim 30 is the minimum number) who both understand this crisis better than I did in 194 and who will wholly colaborate around empiwering youth to solve it now. I am aware that Nobel peace laureates  and youth are debating this out of Cape Town in Oct 2014 and Atlanta in Nov 2015. If you know of any other Future Capital that wants to join in then let's get the message of support through to Dr Muhammad Yunus . #2030now is the social movement identity Jim Kim is identofying with a first 50000 youth cohort of the CTW MOOC



1984 - The 2024 Report (translated into Amerucan a year later) by The Economist's Norman Macrae with myself and a doctor of biology who prefers to stay anonymous as he makes a living writing science fiction.


2008 Pamphlet "Consider Bangladesh" by Muhammad Yunus and Norman Macrae on how to prevent the 2010s from becoming the greatest depression with banking which is 10 to 100 times more economical for youth and wholeplanet.


2010 First of a series of remembrance parties to Norman Macrae hosted at the boardroom of The Economist 


2010 First of a series of remembrance parties to Norman Macrae hosted at the boardroom of The Economist



Entrepreneurial Revolution- Declaration of Youth Interdependence, Glasgow 4 July 2010:           In Pursuit of Adam Smith's 252 year old curriculum of hi-trust leadership and livelihood freedoms,  we ask youth's social and business networks to celebrate job creation through these world changing collaborations between 2010 and 2018  Update 2014-2016 PRIORITY COLLABORATION DIARY

  1. world stage 21st c Version of I'd like to Teach The World to Sing at Atlanta Nov2015
  2. to stage BBC21 (Brazil-Britain-China Sports Stars who give back to village sustainability) ; 
  3. to ask Norwegian and Roman Nobel Judges to demand EU becomes Youth's Entrepreneurial Union;
  4. to Consider Bangladesh's youth's right to be end poverty world's most heroic entrepreneurs - and what else rsvp  Norman Macrae Foundation: Youth Capitalism, Peace Dividends and Open Education's Entrepreneurial Revolution 
CO-SIGNED, (, (University of, (Entrepreneurial Union) (, and who else -rsvp  washingtn dc hotline 1 301 881 1655  



Correspondence welcome Norman Macrae Foundation Washington DC region 1 301 881 1655 

Next Events 

 Recent Youth & Future Capitalism Events

 22 Nov 2013 Atlanta launches Yunus Creative Labs Inc USA Foundation for benchmarking how 25000 youth summits can co-create million jobs capitals with thanks to Yunus 1 2Turner, Carter ... CNN celebrates

Yunus is among CNN’s 12 greatest entrepreneurs of all time

 6 December Glasgow University discusses what 255 years of Adam Smith Scholarship knows about helping FutureLearn and Youth's top 100 wholeplanet investor co-create million jobs Future Capitals

 1 Jan 2014 DC seeks to become 21st chapter of Conscious Capitalism 



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audiosign.JPG ..  can MOOC  free youth from edu monpoliies &  retrieve Berners Lees Maps Of Open Collab

6 minute audio: year 41 of The Economists's net generation collaboration curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER) -collaborate with book on 7 wonders of net generation being most productive time


CAN YOU HELP search out top 100 leaders investing in net generation as youth's most productive time? -abedfarmer, khanblecher, ma ...

Norman Macrae Foundation  washington dc region 301 881 1655 welcomes  you to the curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution and 7 urgent subnetworks. This was started in 1972 by The Economist's pro-youth economists after involvement in experiments by students in early digital networks. After 10 years of leadership debates, Norman Macrae published a 3 billion job plan in 1984 on how to make the net generation worldwide youth's most productive, heroic, collaborative and sustainable time. As we enter the last decade of this plan there's lots for the human race to play for if we wish to prevent the alternative Orwellian Big Brother endgame (which Norman fully accepted as the other most likely scenario of the first generation to go borderless and dee3ply interconnected

Audi0 Summary

Curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER) started at The Economist 1972, is 41 year long study of whether net generation will be most productive and collaborative time to live on planet - help catalogue leaders investing in youth and 7 most urgent wonders of 2013-2015 at 



2013 From41 years of ER mapping we recommend that: benchmarking replicable solutions to communities most life critical services is youth world's most urgent missing process, Fortunately BRAC is  world's number 1 benchmark - why and what needs linking in next?

j2013 bravo Brazilian people.for taking on the unsustainable market of global sports entertainment

..........................................Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER) – map 7 wonders
Open System rising exponential opportunities to pro-youth futures
1 Bottom Up NGO
2 Open Education
Closed (Collapsing) System Threats to pro-youth futures
3  20th C professions (inconvenient truth monopolies)
4 mass media and public servants -ref 7.4.1
Other Most Urgent Market Freedoms being tested by mobilizing open tech
5 Clean/green energy. and local food, water
6 Health service led by nurses and nutrition mentors as most trusted local info networkers
7 Financial services including currencies 
 In search of Microfranchise Economics: M1 Discuss 41st year of The Economist's Collaboration Hunt for microfrancihises as pivotal to net generation jobs including 
why microcredit models go wrong as soon as they forget their gravity as a cluster of microfranchises M2
Chapter13 -collaboration around intercity chapters has got worse every year this century (as anyone who started it with fast company will confirm)- Will any of the new capitalism movements actually 
involve youth actions in every city:
Branson Bteam; Mackey Conscious CapitalismMoocYunus or MOOCwho; French Global Social Business benchmarking movement the only one to scale public audited funds with yunus ; 
us stateswide competitions celebrating days when youth are epicentre of job creation
search moocyunus for 013 spring's breaking news for more collaboration videos 
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  • worldwidesgreatestinvention8.jpg youth (and youth economics) assemble curriculum of leaders of 2010s- Massively, Open, Online and Collaboratively

    for clues see 40 years of research on NetGen Entrepreneurial Revolution started at the Economist by my dad (Norman Macrae) -thanks wash dc hotline 1 301 881 1655

    Topic 'announcement of coaching network on nutrition, food security, green ag'

    nutrition related resources and network champions around the world of youth and yunus Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Danone CEO Franck Riboud's

    discuss peanutrition : alabama youth entrepreneurs invite you to vote whether pea rush will become 
    discover tv's next great gold rush
    download "Full Purpose" best yet? yunus youth competition entry AL GA NC OR

    Haiti Village Healthcare - discuss how to linkin American graduates most collaborative contributions

    exemplary download - Brennan (Yunus Alabama competition) Plan for healthcare of 900 coffee coop families in Haiti

    Best news from yesyouthcanpresidency 





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    which futures matter most to you? hot debates now 1

    education 1;  heroes  nutrition & health

    nation's economy    energy   tech  other

     trending by leader's-net berners leedanny boyle ; Dr Yunus
    by media by city;by nation; by market purpose by greenbillion by e-billion
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    80 years ago - Keynes gave the human race a great gift - one that my father spent a lifetime using to tell stories that excited him about human beings and which made entrepreneurial revolution a worldwide genre as The Economist turned from 3rd ranked english weekly to one of a kind global viewspaper.
    Keynes clarified that economics rules the world in such a way that it either builds the futures peoples want most or it destroys the futures peoples want most. There is no in between - the whole world system integrated through every community of our networked lives is spinning one way or the other.
    Washington DC 1 301 881 1655


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    download book proposal celebrating The Economist's first 40 years of hunting for entrepreneurs of the net generation being youth's most productive time to be alive

    Saturday, January 17, 2015

    Caveat #2015now - who millennials should trust their brains and social action networks to first (mobile usa 240 316 8157  ) partners in world record games of job creation writes


    Please note this is our end-poverty friends 44th year of curiously exploring this map.

    Usability instructions- if you disagree with a nomination of who sustainable youth could learn from first- tell us your nomination- we do not claim to have information to represent goodwill for all 7 billion people- as open economy (end poverty) mediators we are here to learn  too. However we do have some crosschecks- right now if we cannot link a person to impacting health across global society then we mark that with an * as we value the #2-15now idea that health servant millennials are the most transparent to see - and so set example all sustainability millennials can benchmark

    11:12 am est 

    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Discuss How Monica Yunus is becoming one of the most collaborative youth entrepreneurs of them all Others leading their generation Nin Tang China of youth's greatest needs:.
    family of projects ultimately changing the value chain of superstars and entertainment to give back to real community projects. Changing mass media's anti-social impacts has been one of dad's 7 biggest transformation of entrepreneurial revolution since 1972 and I have not done well at advancing it even though my professional work is on hi-trust whole-purpose branding
    ON the bright side, a NY friend has calculated that if superstars gave back to youth who don't quite make it to the top of the various sports and entertainment professions but who could facilitate joy in the community then 2 million youth US jobs could easily be afforded- and this is mainly a case of refocusing mass media (and superstars) so they values those who dint make it to the top . There is also the argument that such youth community building is actually the best way to plant peace and cross-cultural joy. The same challenge is relevant to every developed nation with huge arms budgets but next to zero youth-led community peace budgets - this is a hangover from world war 2 - americans didnt have 20% of all their money spent like this before ww2 - nor did brits, French... Although this video reveals the origin of the EU at messina was supposed to resolve this this core issue soon got lost from political service across the continent
    I have been working on this model and mainly failing since 9/11. However there is one practitioner in New York who is making headway within her own area of superstardom and that is Monica Yunus
    Is your diary such that you can get to New York most of the next 6 months if I can get into her diary

    Ning Tang,  Founder and CEO of CreditEase

    Ning has over 10 years of microfinance experience dating back to his college years during which he went to Bangladesh to study poverty alleviation through microcredit with Professor Yunus.

    Ning founded CreditEase, China's first and now the biggest peer-to-peer microcredit platform in 2006 and has built the company organization with a service network covering more than 100 cities all over the country. The company has enabled tens of thousands of micro-entrepreneurs, students, urban white collars and extremely poor rural females to have access to credit. On the innovative platform, people with extra funds (lenders) lend to people with funding needs (borrowers), all based on credit.

    Mr. Tang is a member of Tsinghua University China Entrepreneur Training Program's advisory committee, advisor to Peking University Social Entrepreneurship Training Program, and he also heads China Association of Microfinance's strategy committee. 

    1:44 pm edt 

    Saturday, June 22, 2013

    2 most urgent question for worldwide youth sustainability:


    • Which is the most exciting curriculum in the world that hundreds of millions of youth could gain from freely interacting online now, and 
    • which is the most valuable 10 minute training module? 

    when it comes to curriculum, 41 years of Entrepreneurial Revolution search at The Economist suggest collaboration curricula of BRAC is most urgent to free - other nominations welcomed


    BRAC - netuniresearchbkashKhanA; ILAB, CIDA, IHUB, JamiiBora ..

    10:22 am edt 

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

     Sal Khan 

    the first space to look at I open education - khan already offers the most brilliantly presented maths curriculum at secondary level- online, any time free

    apparently the software needed to create online education like khan is the order of $300 a licence- why not a khan-academy type lab wherever a leader has best for youth's world knowhow to share with millions of youth
     Paul Farmer of Partners in Health is one leader with huge amounts of life critical knowhow to share - better still he is now directly responsible for Haiti's main training college for nurses (having rebuilt the one that was demolished in the earthquake) - so while this college is developing its curriculum why not open source it to youth around the world
    3:37 pm edt 

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Fazle Abed - greatest value multiplier of worldwide sustainability of net generation
    2 meetings in the first half of 2013 with Sir Fazle in Dhaka and Budapest are included in this update

    Fazle Abed- 900/1 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation -main webs 
    As leading example of bottom-up NGO, BRAC is the world's number 1 benchmark of the 1976 search for organisational transformation (
    The Economist, Entrepreneurial Revolution 25 December1976). BRAC is epicentral to progress in most millennium goal curricula - the world's largest and most collaborative NGO, and largest inventor of replicable microfranchises empowering life critical community-groiunded services. Sir Fazle as WISE's inaugural winner of the Education Oscars has more knowledge to edit into open educational formats than anyone we know (rsvp if you have other suggestions)

    FREEMARKET Role - Exponentially Sustainable economics, education and life critical microfranchises - most valuable partnership connector investing in net gen's co-production of millennium goals

    What would world miss without Fazle Abed?

    if your worldview is rooted in happiness and freedoms of our next generation's productivity- which is where the roots of the entrepreneurial (pro-youth) capitalism emerged 9 quarters of a century ago, then you may value the optimistic pro-youth reasonings and severe contest of leadership that turned The Economist into the world's favorite viewspaper, and so the more you search the more you will probably find that brac is the net generation's most economic network of partnerships.

    Reasonings The Economist used in the second half of the 20th century to value the net generation to invites us all to co--create the most productive time to be alive included:

    invest youth's productivity with net gen's million times more collaboration tech in millennium goals uniting human race

    want asian pacific worldwide century to be the most extraordinary region of human development between 1975-2075

    trust that economics models of sectors growing at moore's law speed around multi-win sustainability investment models to those who have the most experience in such community grounded microeconomics including the Japanese and type MIT type of open educational networks

    understand the media implication of what einstein, keynes and von neumann said about preventing compound risk of a borderless world in which all human productivities become ever more interconnected

    BRAC's partnerships criss-cross all those sorts of reasonings in the most motivating human ways ever to have been connected into the organisational architecture if a network of 100 massively resourced win-win partners aimed at empowering community-owned service franchises round lifes most critical needs. As world bank exec Karen Spainhower says- BRAC offers any organisation with unique tech resources the chance to partner in a lab designed round innovating the most humanly valuable possibility of your technology's collaborative value.

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    BRAC has over 100 partners - many on projects with world-changing impacts - please mail if we haven't tabled one of your favorites


    Wherever educators and economists and youth mix this can be a joyful value multiplying training exercise in net generation innovation 
    Make a list of trillion dollar global market sectors plus any others that are life critically important in locally sustaining community safety and health
    Focus on one of the sectors that matters most passionately to the skills the people in your meet. Discuss what purpose of that sector could match worldwide youths most exciting goals to 2025 - look and see whether any of BRAC's top 100 partners is already mapping a value chain relevant to that purpose
    Countdown how many of 3 billion new jobs could be collaboratively developed around the world if the purpose and suitable multi-win value chain were wholly invested in now. Consider the opportunity if investors and educators led the way thanks to banks with pro-youth economic values and universities with pro-youth economic values

    Norman Macrae next steps 
    if we valued the future exponentially the way keynes advised, what 10 most transparent contests of futures leadership should we be posting as questions here?
    example case 1 - there is a race to bank a billion people with 100 times less costly mobile cash - will who win this race may determine whether families investments thru 2010s invest in 3 billion most productive jobs of net generation - norman macrae believed so in our 1984 book on netgen and in his last articles written 2008 at age of 85 and celebrated here at The Economist's boardroom 2010

    case 1 next steps - NM futures roundtables on cashless banking and netgen's 3 billion jobs have so far been celebrated: 1 The Economist Boardroom; 2 with Mandela and Branson's practiice leader of the free university movement, 3 with the Japanese Embassy and Sir Fazle Abed - can you suggest where to host 4th event in this entrepreneurial revolution world series - - DCLondonTokyoParis...


    Salman Khan  - brilint as a virtual maths tutor of secondary level cousres has a ince in a world opportunity to choose content leaders of other curricula who are best for youth's futures- lets hope Sal finds Sir Fazle Abed in time to get out his life saving solutions to hundrdes of millions of youth


    4:19 pm edt 

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    mackey, abed, riboud, brilliant - 4 of the most connected leaders of 2010s=youths most productive decade
    questions/suggestions of other top 100 leaders of youth economics welcome -

    John Mackey- 100/10 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - True Capitalism's Leading US Entrepreneurial Revolutionary (ER)


    What would world miss without John Mackey

    Jargon - Keynes General Theory written in 1930s clarified 2 very risky things- 1) "increasingly the world is ruled only by economics";  so 2 ) lets define true capitalism as man-made systems joyfully designing futures peoples want most, and false capitalism that which destroys peoples futures. My dad Norman Macrae was last journalist mentored by Keynes at Cambridge University- his career at The Economist was devoted to entrepreneurially questioning leaders on whose futures they were spinning



    Starting in 1976 The Economist launched the genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution - now that we can see that none of the 20th C's types of organisational systems is separately capable of sustaining the net generation's productivity and most heroic millennium goals, will worldwide leaders collaborate with youth and professions to helps redesign organisations in time


    Without John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism movement, the chances that US CEOs would help discover each global market's most valuable human/communal purpose would be much smaller. Furthermore he demonstrtaes this as CEO of Wholefoods - a public company whose heroic purpose of valuing nutrition integrated with helping build millions of jobs in developing world around rural communities where whole foods has long-term sourcing relationships and providing staff with the  most interesting, joyful and productive lifetimes of any large us mass product retailer (unless you have other nominations)

    Mackey references: youtube on whole purpose

    Next collaboration challenges with youth


    Viralise good news debates on which other global market sectors want to join the movement (conscious capitalism) of asking what is the greatest purpose their market sector could value multiply globally and locally


    Wholeplanetfoundation has done an extraordinary world service of sharing its seal of approval of most valuable local microcredits. However cashless banking is the next revolution coming to banks with values. How can we all help to make sure the most economical pro-youth banking networks are celebrated by enough people everywhere to make the net gen the most productive and sustainable time to be alive

    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps

     Friends of the 170th year of trying to design economics to end hunger and I are urgently interested in what curriculum of Grameen all young people should have access to for the future.

    More particularly if the world opinion leaders of millennium goals who first assembled microcreditsummit in 1997 had prioritised education competences as much as financial ones = what could have been networked to become a massive open online curriculum (between 1997 and the last world microcreditsummit in spain 2011) ? How could young people have joyfully navigated around dr yunus life experiences both to end poverty and celebrate job creation with extraordinary collaboration technology - what links would come together for all to question and action first? Indeed would the whole internet as a smart knowledge mediation space be different from one overrun by advertising views of communications and costly pr-led NGOs

    Happy 2013? I see the need for a year long iterative process just to begin to make this community of practice relevant. Our family foundation would be happy to join in with peoples and places who want to co-host this inquiry. First diarised entry in this process is 25-27 March Dhaka. Being forever optimistic, I am hoping that USAID's first ever call for an education summit to happen in washington dc in august 2013 will be America's best opportunity for convergence around Yunus for a very long time, then Paris hosts 5000 Europe-wide summit at in September. Where else can friends of Yunus Diary help him most to race to poverty museums and stock markets that value sustainability of society as the prime purpose of how capital consciously structures family's savings and investment in next generation? 

    To date 3 remembrance parties in a www series have been hosted in the 40 countries whose entrepreneurial peoples Norman was privileged to survey. Current top debating agenda: How can 
    public media and pro-youth educators  free economic journalists to get back to the 1843 founding purpose of The Economist as a social action network celebrating those who invested in ending hunger and ending capital abuse of youth.


    Since economics either designs or destroys the futures most people wants, where are the most transparent (joyful) cases of journalists for humanity in opening up freedom of speech  (and of local peoples channels) to market in every sustainable community?


    Can public media's greatest storytellers please revisit how the 20th C's greatest social concepts got politically killed off a year after they were born. see Norman on EU; on Nations' Health


    Can we start with trillion dollar audits- ie viralise debates of any global village market worth a trillion dollars and ASK what future purpose people most want this to exponentially grow-not-crash?  


    Unique purposes of such life-shaping markets as nutrition, pharmaceuticals, other healthcare, water, mass media , one to one (digital) media, tech hardware, transportation, energy, banks, real estate, university education, other education, professions, place public servants, charities and so on ...

    Fazle Abed- 900/1 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generationFREEMARKET Role 
    - Exponentially Sustainable economics most valuable partnership investing in net gen's co-production of millennium goals
    What would world miss without Fazle Abed? 

    if your worldview is rooted in happiness and freedoms of our next generation's productivity- which is where the entrepreneurial roots of capitalism emerged 9 quarters of a century ago, then you may  value the optimistic pro-youth reasonings and severe contest of leadership that turned The Economist into the world's favorite viewspaper, and so the more you search the more you will probably find that brac is the net generation's most economic network of partnerships.


    Reasonings The Economist used in the second half of the 20th century to value the net generation to invites us all to co--create  the most productive time to be alive included:

    invest youth's productivity with net gen's million times more collaboration tech in millennium goals uniting human race

    want asian pacific worldwide century to be the most extraordinary region of human development between 1975-2075

    trust that economics models of sectors growing at moore's law speed around multi-win sustainability investment models to those who have the most experience in such community grounded microeconomics including the Japanese and type MIT type of open educational networks

    understand the media implication of what einstein, keynes and von neumann said about preventing compound risk of a borderless world in which all human productivities become ever more interconnected


    BRAC's partnerships criss-cross all those sorts of reasonings in the most motivating human ways ever to have been connected into the organisational architecture if a network of 100 massively resourced win-win partners aimed at empowering community-owned service franchises round lifes most critical needs. As world bank exec Karen Spainhower says- BRAC offers any organisation with unique tech resources the chance to partner in a lab designed round innovating the most humanly valuable possibility of your technology's collaborative value.

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    Wherever educators and economists and youth mix this can be a joyful value multiplying training exercise in net generation innovation 

    Make a list of trillion dollar global market sectors plus any others that are life critically important in locally sustaining community safety and health

    Focus on one of the sectors that matters most passionately to the skills the people in your meet. Discuss what purpose of that sector could match worldwide  youths most exciting goals to 2025 - look and see whether any of BRAC's top 100 partners is already mapping a value chain relevant to that purpose

    Countdown how many of 3 billion new jobs could be collaboratively developed around the world if the purpose and suitable multi-win value chain were wholly invested in now. Consider the opportunity if  investors and educators led the way thanks to  banks with pro-youth economic values and universities with pro-youth economic  values

    Norman Macrae Foundation   next steps 

    if we valued the future exponentially the way keynes advised, what 10 most transparent contests of futures leadership should we be posting as questions here?

    example case 1 - there is a race to bank a billion people with 100 times less costly mobile cash - will who win this race may determine whether families investments thru 2010s invest in 3 billion most productive jobs of net generation - norman macrae believed so in our 1984 book on netgen and in his last articles written 2008 at age of 85 and celebrated here at The Economist's boardroom 2010

    case 1 next steps - NM futures roundtables on cashless banking and netgen's 3 billion jobs have so far been celebrated: 1 The Economist Boardroom; 2 with Mandela and Branson's practiice leader of the free university movement, 3 with the Japanese Embassy and Sir Fazle Abed - can you suggest where to host 4th event in this entrepreneurial revolution world series - - DCLondonTokyoParis ...


    Franck Riboud- 200/7 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - Europe's Number 1 Partner in Entrepreneurial Revolution

    What would world miss without Franck Riboud?.......................................

    Without Franck Riboud - and his sustainability investment advisers at Danone and HEC - Dr Muhammad Yunus would not have found a global brand leader prepared to put billions of dollars of goodwill into Yunus 3rd Entrepreneurial Revolution: -the launch of global social business partnerships. Launched in 2005, ER3 aims to linkin danone with yunus/grameen brand architecture as youth world's favorite mission-maker. This can be achieved by celebrating good new media and learning how to joyfully question how to free the pro-youth future of every global market relevant to millennium goal races . Yunus calls these the poverty museum race and the SB stockmarket win-win-win game > Yes we can invest in ending poverty and empowering the net generation as youth's most productive time

    World ER firsts include; paris world champion of social business; danone communities SB fund; danone communities portal; world's first social business professorship; making entrepreneur the favorite economic construct of the net generation in France and beyond!; the most exciting infant nutritional product that 21st C China has co-invented

    Without Riboud's lead other extraordinary french partners might not have formed around yunus: grameen credit agricole's 2 funds; veolia's water ecology partnerships; schneiders support of the second million of solar units installed by grameen energy; renault's new partnership in the social future of auto

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    How can we help America's and Europe's leaders of Entrepreneurial Revolution invite ceos into a mother of all benchmarking movements.

    Europe will be the first region to collapse in the sub-prime trap wall street spun out to the world unless we urgently stage a pro-youth future review of every market sector and adapt every economical franchise that youth jobscompetitions are waving round the world

    Moreover, how can we help youth mediate CONVERGENCES such as:

    Paris is now the epicentre of the world's number 1 millennium goals summit

    Paris is also the epicentre of Europe's saftest banking model for investing in youth - see Maria Nowak

    How can we link in future of universities to SMBA first planned as a partnership vehicle in sustaining pro-youth futures by HEC's Benedict Faivre-Tavignot

    NB - iss interesting to connect the nutrition stories of western and eastern world's greatest Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries. Yunus. first non-banking line extension involved nutrition for infants c. 1980; nutrition has from birth flowed through the corporate purposes of both Danone and Whole Foods. It is also nutrition that is at the heart of transformation of USAID beyond aid and the flagship private-public partnerships intended to be celebrated by How do we make sure youth is involved in mediating all such partherships?

    Norman Macrae Foundation next actions

    Help us to complete the dots in the greatest celebrations of Entrepreneurual Revolution since 1976

    1976.1 The Economist launches the genre of ER to promote youth-economics necessary for coming net generation to be most productive time to be alive

    1976.2 Yunus starts testing investment banking for world's poorest communities instructed by village mothers collaboration wishes to invest in their next generation

    1982.1 Norman Macrae and The Economist launch valuation map of service economics-

    teams , franchises are pivotal processes in valuing how productiuvely human lifetimes can serve community needs. This makes all industrial age past MBA constructs suspect at best. Two years later any ER can see why the 21st C world will need to be saved from old professions wherever they dont fully value goodwill, trust, joy, emotional intelligence, transparent conflict resoluton, ending risk comounding at boundaries in the coming borderless world.

    1984 Norman published first book valuing the net generation and inviting worldwide entrepreneurs to join in the race to help net generation co-create 3 billion jobs

    1988 Norman Macrae launches for media professionals who want to do good with media and for professionals who want to do good with metrics by studying multi-win models

    1996 Yunus launches ER2 - how can youth and 100000 grameen village hubs mobilise web tech to bring down degrees of separation on actioning any life critical information -consequence grameenphone is bangladesh's most valued corporation and a generation of bangaldeshi youth are world leaders in mobile tech

    Healthcare –end nurseless village – free nursing colleges
    Education –virtually free university movements- student jobs competitions-  understand where future of jobs come from – least source is passing exams
    Connect most resourced universities tech advance with universities nearest to most urgent societal labs (eg MIT & Alabama)
    Knowhow tech –whole story of borderless youth economies 84-24 but order of play matters – invest in youth 5000 networks whose collaboration can sustain worldwide growth faster than elder 5000 nets can destroy sustainability; map 3 billion jobs creation and link to youth co-producing most exciting millennium goals
    Mass media –vital role of bbc and public media- vital role of future of stars
    Safety, Peace – needs cross-cultural youth facilitation in every community-
    peace dividend move over from biggest nation employer armed forces to biggest = civic service
    Water, food, nutrition – celebrate that both community  banks and health start with nutrition community investments  – value why paris-HEC sustainability net  chose most important first global cluster of yunus
    Energy Waste  solar and photosynthesis energy – and total higher quality value chain of agriculture and clean- and impacts on peace as solar is a distributed source

    2012: Join us at facebook as we complete 40 years of Entrepreneurial Revolution research on how to co-create the net generation's next 3 billion jobs- final cases being prepared for this book on why economics either destroys or designs the futures that youth want most.
    Mediate principles of youth economics
    1 Places cant grow if capital (family savings) not invested in next gen’s productivity
    2 World trade as such doesn’t impact human race’s growth – energy and tech does
    3 Entrepreneurial Revolution debate hosted by economist since 1972 on grounds of energy and tech- net generation greatest growth or destruction of worldwide increase in productivity of human lifetimes
    value Japan multi-win models of economics- knowledge multiplies value in use unlike industrial age consuming up things
    Financial Services –action learn from investment banking in youth
    Cashless banking –community first franchises
    Advance prep world debates on Tech changes Value Chain – youth and community sustaining first
    End government –led bubbles –currency, property, any big vested interest not pro-youth
    Trillion dollar audits of unseen wealth’s exponentials (up & down) pop by mass media and digital media

    Over 20 years ago Norman Macrae helped formed an ER club, which also became the genre "world class brands", for media practioners that believed it is possible to multiply goodwill  (instead of 
    badwill) around the world with media.


    The simplest exercise we invite your collaboration is to brand charter is visions of each markets purpose when designed round what people most want -and trust- from that market's most knowledgeable doers and connectors

    media - our favorite charter by an entrepreneur in media revolves round designing content (stimulus) "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence which presses forward, and an unworthy timid ignorance obstructing our progress"

    education  - at times of great change (early 20h C Gandhi & Montessori, early 21st C why not every educator and parent ) -prioritise providing youth structures to joyfully create jobs or maximise how their unique lifetimes can generate income by applying community-grounded franchises serving each other- and never to see examanitaion of old facts as an end in itself 

    an advanced exercise becomes converging 2 or more market's purposes- do you have a good enough wording of the purpose of education and media for the net generation to celebrate? we'd love to celebrate it here :...

    Inviting publishers of pro-youth economics: the idea is rising with journal of social business and our associates including pro-youth projects of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant:  why not turn whole planet into a sector by sector charter of how to value that sector's free market so as to create more youth jobs everywhere as well as optimally contributing to the race to poverty museums? Abed (72), Yunus (76), Macrae (84).. - if you agree in investing in net generation to co-produce this goal , send your name to and a link dating when you first valued this goal

    The Future' Economies by Youth's Most Valued Professional Mapmaker - What can you first Linkin to with the Joy of Being Free to Produce (source Nobel Peace Prize 2006)We Create What We Want.
    We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there. 
    We achieve what we want to achieve. 
    We accept that poverty is part of human destiny. It’s not!
    We believe we can create a poverty-free world. 
    We need to invent ways to change our perspective.
    We can reconfigure our world if we can reconfigure our mindset. . 
    Social business will be a new kind of business, making a difference in the world.
    Human beings are a wonderful creation embodied with limitless human qualities and capabilities. 
    Entrepreneurs are not one-dimensional human beings, dedicated to maximizing profit. 
    They are multi-dimensional: political, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental.
    The desire to do great things for the world can be a powerful driving force
    Young people dream about creating a perfect world of their own.
    Social business will give them a challenge to make a difference by using their creative talent. 
    Let us join hands to unleash our energy and creativity. 
    Collectively, we can create a poverty-free world.” 
    Source :

    The other way involves a little mathematics to map out multi-win models -which we discuss here.
      However one technical issue comes top. Its understanding compound impacts. Let's say that you double your productivity or reaching your life's most exciting goal every 8 years- that means over a lifetime of 40 years you can 2*2*2*2*2*2= 32 times multiply growth or progress your greatest goal. How much growth do you need to attain each year to do that - just 9.1%. When banks or others responsible for peoples intergenerational savings reward people for aiming at excess of 9% annual returns they are behaving in ways that are statistically bound to destroy the future of the place your children live in. Conversely just because some errant bankers may have bankrupted your place that does not mean that right now that place's youth should be imprisoned from developing the great possibilities of the net generation. If german , swiss , american banking or politicians say youth anywhere should be deprived of  the net generation's unprecdented access to million times more collaboration productivity than when man raced to moon in the 1960s then they are not only disatrously wrong economically but they haven't learnt from history what causes wars between nations. And in this era of ever increasing human interconnectvity causing such aggression to spiral will probably end human sustainability even faster than man's current war with nature over climate! 

    It turns out that there is little chance of the human race working on futures our childrens most need unless enough people, of every diversity and practical context, take charge of mediating what economics rules. And there are two ways for people to humanise media including old broadcast and new interaction. The simplest way , which everyone can do with joy, is vision a future that matters most to you and your peers and identify a leader who is inviting everyone who trusts each other to make that future happen. This web believes in hunting out 100 leaders who want 2010s (and net generation) to be most productive time to be youth anywhere. Please help us identify such leaders. 

    Larry Brilliant- 100/13 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - Understanding risk espeially Health and Safety's Most Life Critical Maps of Connectivity

    What would world miss without Larry Brilliant?

    First consider 2 cases Larry had a huge influence in before mobile connectivity became ubiquitous

    He's probably the most trusted medical expert of combating unnecessary blindness. His expert network helped the Indian founder or - one of the most brilliant examples of a service franchsie designed round purpose instead of profit extraction. Aravind's founder asked why not open source life critical knowhow (his goal being ending unneccessary blindness in india) as a team franchise with the efficiency that Mcdonalds profites from replicating fast food. Aravind is arguably the clearest case of a replicable social business franchise in a medical field

    Larry's own most famous moment came in ending the last case of smallpox. Ending a plague takes extraordinary coordination of local mapping information. Ending such a risk depends on how collaboratively bottom-up information flows are shared.

    Larry took his practical experience to reducing degrees of separation of life critical information to his job as first head of and currently works with Jeff Skoll on popularising the relationship betwen compounding risk and man's accelrating connectivity. The project that begun this whole emerging area for Skoll networks of entrepreneurship seems to have been the filming of Gore's inconveneint truth

    Until recently mankind didnt build systems on the same global sacle as nature. Consequently when a disatrous mistake was made it might collapse a civilisation but not the whole human race. Mathematicians as early as Einstein have warned its not obvious that the human race will survive the techbology of extreme connectivity. Ironically Von Neumann -the father of modern day computing- died before his time due to nuclear exposure. The dynamics of nuclear and plagues are 2 heath and safety risks everyone can see. Those who have stuidied exponential impacts most including Larry would add such compasses as poverty's loss of hope among youth, climate and other crises where man scales a global dynamic in opposition to nature's value selection, and history's record . This show that with every new connectivity media: evil networkers have linked in faster than goodwill networkers. All Hitler needed to spread his evil propaganda fastest was the seemingly small innovation of audio tape recording integrated with radio - his vicious propaganda could be endlessly replayed while people of goodwill had to make each of their speeches live.

    Next collaboration challenges

    Since the start of the fourth quarter. media entrepreneurial revolutionaries have been focused on the 64 trillion dollar question will the human race use digital media to get collaboratively smarter, or to get dumber and more addicted the way orwell's big brother endgame spins

    Ask forbidden questions like these - what's the smartest twittering collaboration you have ever seen and what's the dumbest. (the origin of twiller was to help people communicate in real time emergencies- suppose twitter has apperaed just before 9/11 and been marketed to first responders before the public)

    What's the smartest mapmaking app you have seen and whats the dumbest?

    Where else than the investment banks for the world's poorest mothers do capital structures for investing in goodwill multiplication thrive?

    Is you region's future led by economics of scaling up small is beautiful ,or letting the big get bigger rule over everyone else with systems that are too big to exist

    By France's definition the entrepreneurual school of economics is interested in integrating society's visions of each global markets purspose- which markets do you know of that have enough freedom of speech to value society's view of sustainability's exponential impacts

    Discuss does the 21st C have an equivalent of the trio gandhi-montessori-einstein who worked to transform rule over india by british empire? This had accidentally become professionally about command and control ( separation's top-down ivory towers) instead of the mathematically deeper integration skills needed on the ground to value mapping context, diversity, botlom-up and open the way nature rules her world of evolution, -and which webs are humanity's first tool to mimic with! Collaboration is the new competitive advantage andthe good news is its economics thrives on abundancy not manipulating scarcity

    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps

    Norman Macrae and Peter Drucker first met before Norman reached his teens. The occasion was an informal dinner party while Norman's dad worked at British Consular in Stalin's Moscow. It was from those first observations that peter and norman as avid diarists were to be the 20th's century's most clear advocates of economists bever desigbing system that are too big to exist. By 1984 as the first journalist of the internet generation,Norman wrote by 2005 man recognised that the gap in income and expectations of rich and poor nations became recognised as the human race's greatest risk.

    To date 21st c economists have completely failed to be transpararent about the worldwide dynamics of networkng compound risk. This is spite of Brookings expert report on this phenomenon in 2000 called Unseen Wealth. Unfortunately just as bilpolar usa politics between bush and gore threw out all of the whole truth's debates on climate sustainability they threw out understanding that economists should always value the search for win-win-win purpose not the race by the big to get bigger. The economically sustainable way to advance the human lot is to adopt Sir Fazle Abed's maxim. Small may be beautiful, but in Bangladesh large scale is absolutely essential. This is why understanding aravind type cases of open microfranchising innovations are crucial to the future capacity of economics to design the futures peoples most want. Note this ABC

    A) how a service franchise starts with turning one community into a social lab, working for how ever many years it takes to perfect a service franchise that bring's downs degrees of separation of world know to a very local app

    B) demand that such life critical apps are primarily open sourced as community-0wned franchises

    C) Ensure that every place structures enough of family's savings as cpaital that invest in the productivity of that place's next generation. That's why investment banks for the poor turn out to be the most trusted financial systems for replicating open source franchises round life critical apps. Norman's last articles written in 2008translated this understanding to prevent usa/europe from spinning wall street's subprime folly grandeur into quintuple dip recession through 2010s. His 1984 work on the internet clariiued why the way we integrate every community into globalisation will either produce the most productive time for worldwide youth or destroy this. There is no in-between endgame from being the first generation that is more connected than separated.

    gwpmain.jpg.Ibrahim click



    11:07 am edt 

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Michael Palin- 200/7  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - The broadcaster whose joy of people liberated future from cross-cultural pasts


    What would world miss without Michael Palin

    The British Boradcasting Corporation is the largest world service and publicly funded broadcasters. It is owned entirely by the peoples. So the question of whom does the BBC 1 2 trust most to do a most optimistic series of peoples/youth futures around the world is the most interesting one any Briton and any youthful entrepreneurial global villager  may currently ask? 

    However Michael Palin's unique cv demonstartes he woul do a good enough first run. His media life was born in the same oxbridge theatres that Keynes loved. This led to the timelesssBBC  satire of Monty Python which even today brings a smile to the most angry nerd's face (the antidot to Batman's Joker archetype)

    . But most joyfull and more recently his cross cultural roadtrips share a care of going and living with people to understand their communal view of the world that is happilyclassless and non-political and dare I say as human as any community guide I have been able to search .   

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    The EU hosted 2 belated summits end of 2011 admitting that the last chance of getting youth back to work depends on meshing 2 mechanisms:

    Searches of what social solutions microentrepreneurs can replicate as community-grounded franchises


    Mobilising the last untapped source of credits through what is called social impact bonds; unless maria's open knowledge networking are linked by EU to the financial wizards negotiation hundreds of billions dollars worth of bonds from foundations, there is little likelihood of europe escaping the longest -and most unnecessary -recession ever

      tour palin celebrating - shia and shiite    iran and syria  timbuktu   afghanistan 

    Wherever you travel, Palin explains, "people are fascinating. You want them to like you and you want to like them. I find myself especially drawn to people who might tend to be sneered at. The thing I remember from Sheffield, when I was growing up, was characters. People who looked at life in a different way. I was always attracted to people like that."
    Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions

    to understand why cross-cultural warmth maters to end poverty as well as end fatal conceit of top-down economists; its simplest to bo back to a future history of The Economist as debated by entrepreneurial revolutionaries in 1977 

    Here's dad's 1977 application of Keynes Economics-Designs-The-Future to the then majority of world's people

    2 billion people - 1977 This is a survey of the half of the people of the world I know least. They are the more important half to discuss now.Two thousand million people live in Asia East of Iran. They include three fifths of the world's teenagers and childrens which means three fifths of all our futures. The majority of them live in households with cash incomes of under a dollar a day. Less than half are being brought up in a democracy.

    One reason why these nations are poor is that they are nations of children. However in the next 2 decades more than a billion people are going to flock into the most productive age groups and a surprising number of them will be literate. This will be an accession to the labor force out of all proprtion to what the world has seen before. If we can provide most of these people with the opportunity for a job that is approximately inaccord with their capabilities - and this is what a tolerably sensible political-economic system should do - then there could in the next 20 years be the biggest upsurge in production and living standards that the world has ever seen. more belw




    Although most Westerners politely do not recognise this the only consistently democratic country in Asia since 1952 has been Japan which has continued the fastet ever economic miracle.

    But in the past decade and a half a thrilling thing has hapened in undemocratic asia, possibly the most significant development in the world in our lifetime. After many centuries in which the real problem of poverty in Asia has been rural underemplyment, two different sorts of society have begun to break through to creating full employment at last. One is China which this survey will show has establised a "rural Keynism" by mistake. The other breakthrough is being made by such countries as South Korea and Taiwan that are folowing the trail blazed by Japan. ...




    So the scene for this survey is set. Everything for our world's future will depend on whether this Asian majority of the world adults during the next 15 years proceed down such hellish roads as urban guerillas or nationalist soldiers under some Genghis Khan but with access to nuclear arms. Or could economics connect with finer prospects including a Sino-Japanese led 21st century into a time of cultural renaissance, which the America-led 20th century and the British-led 19th century disappointingly have not been.

    Any upward outcome will allow our grandchildren in America and Europe to live in a rather nice world. Anything downward from that will probably blow us up.

    Roerence 7 years of debates 1976-1983 among entrepreneurs led to another scenario of 3 billion jobs for the net generation -norman's 1983 book

    and of course yunus pathway (and that otentially of aisn friends including obama's mother in indonesia) - started testing grameen 1976 and started molbilising grameen from 1996

    10:11 am edt 

    Taddy Blecher- 100/8 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - Most connected practitioner of free universities predicted to be the largest export economy of African continent in 2010s


    What would world miss without Taddy Blecher?


    The marvelous entrepreneurial idea that university staff can help youth create jobs . Moreover, a nation's investment in education designed round youth entreprenurs leads the way to post-industrial win-win-win models and ten times more productive youth the world over


    Early Mandela and Branson partners linking in round freeing university education for job creating students include:

    Google Africa

    Kiva worldwide

    Next collaboration challenges


    Help the world debate what revolutionary peer to peer curricula free universities innovate


    Ensure the most practical connections between the world's most resourced universities offering open educational resources and the free universities that started with the least resources but the most urgent social labs and passionately inspiring youth


    Further reference - ask for our whitepaper on the Future of Universities

    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps


    Our foundation's goal of demonstrating that 5000 collaboration youth of the net generation can be selected to build global village economies faster than any 5000 zero-sum big bankers' traders can externalise relies on strong twin city and triad structures. We are planning nairobi and joburg as one such twin capitals for celebrating youthful collaboration entrepreneurs and welcome information sharing with pan-african good news journalists such as



    discussion on futures of education
    9:58 am edt 

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    BRAVO BRAZILIAN PEOPLE -can your next generation afford the 2 most expensive pr junkets in the world back to back? -see also our discussion on is Bula still a top 100 leader of youth's sustainable futures

    Aldous Huxley Brave New World was written -along with Orwell's Big Brother in 1930s - as a warning -what if mass media ended the world by over-entertaining people?

    Today, we are on the breach. Mass media has created global leagues of fame around sports and pop stars but left out youth's links to heroes who are doing most good for the world. The value chain of sports men has become totally uneconomic, sporning such anti-youth processes as greenwashing through which whole trillion dollar market sectors lose the freedom of serving their sectors most life sustaining purpose.

    This disastrous (system collapsing) mess could be resolved by such means as:

    university of stars- budding superstars are given a second agent by their nation of origin who tutors them on real heroes (the exact opposite of the sorts of agent who maximise a stars monetisation but end lives from doing good- think of jackson or Whitney or which star do you feel lives the most unreal life -rsvp

    the olympics insures the national host  that there will not be a net loss viewed from 5 years on - the olympics was the beginning of the end of the greek economy and while Brazil is big enough not to be destroyed by one world stage event, it is very unlikely to be pro-youth economical to stage both world cup and olympics unless processes such as university of stars are born - for more see danny boylemonica yunus, viv westwood...

    Get A Life, Vivienne Westwood
    Vivienne Westwood blog. ... Time spent at Occupy London brings up thoughts of the nature of 'people's resistance to the war on


    - to start this cross-culturally conversation begin with the biggest aunty of them all (the largest public investment the british people have ever made) - debate the role of the bbc  and what was once a genuine world service

    : why on planet earth hasn't BBC of the turn of the millennium sided with the internet's purpose being the most valuable open education media as opposed to being made an appendage of tv advertising's image age?

    Bula- 300/6 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Changed a huge nation to be on the up and up


    what would world miss without Brazil"- Brazil is becoming the people's most curious questioners on the cost of huge sporting events when these are separated from youth heroising people who are doing most to make the world the better place- while this question is due to take the world stage for the next 3 years 2014 (football)-2016(Olympics)- the question has a great heritage- the city of porto alegre went bust in the arly 1990s? - the people took to the streets to co-create their own big-society soilutions; from this the world social forum , and then bula's linking in of world social and economic forums- given how uneconomic the ashoka version of social entrepreneur had become it was the right time to celebrate a new network of social-business entrepreneurs- bula also help start a quartet of trades between fast rising countries BRIC - Brazil Russia, India China, and pre-presidency supported water as a human right -see 100000 yout curricula of bon aqua linking in schools around foz - word's largest dam and largest underground freshwater researve


    What would world miss without Bula


    Brazil would almost certainly miss being one of the 3 most exciting growth nations starting up our 21st C


    How did he do it?. Before becoming president he supported urgent ecological and end-poverty agendas. For example, Brazil shares the world's largest dam with 3 nations and has the world's largest freshwater reserves. Bula helped turn Foz into a world class  ecological conference centre and ensured over 100000 children whose families live in the water basins helped created a schools curriculum on good water.


    Brazil created the world social forum as an alternative way for world news to start each year to the world economic forum in Davos. It was Bula who commuted half way across the world to attend both forums. It is unlikely that Schwab would have become one of the 3 main publishers of connections with social entrepreneurs without Bula's example.


    Bula declared that Brazil was a country whose future merited its own summit of countries who most wanted to win-win-win trade with Brazil

    Next youth collaboration challenges


    While President, Bula invited Yunus on national tv programs to explain how to end poverty with banking. He's helped choose a successor who continues to develop Brazil's poverty relief programs with Yunus-style models


    Lets hope pro-youth economists can find ways of seeing how Portugal and Europe now need to connect with Brazil's examples of above zero sum net generation more than Brazil needs Portugal, or Europe!


    Help Schwab, who claims to be interested in hi-trust stakeholder modeling to set Brazil's leading market cases as benchmarks


    Norman Macrae Foundation next actions


    Brazil will be the next to host the Olympics. It is to be celebrated if Brazil's opening ceremonies champion what the world of youth cal co-produce by adopting Brazil's best examples building on the way that Danny Boyle projected the best the world of productive youth can connect with the UK's impact on future history 

    7:37 pm edt 

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Maria Nowak- 200/6  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Europe's banking movement for the unemployed and more


    What would world miss without Maria Nowak


    Any community in Europe wanting to start up a bank that helps put youth back to work is best advised to seek maria nowak's advice first


    1.                              She is a Polish_Parisian economist who has been working over 3 decades to integrate what financial services non-banks are allowed to offer in each of the different european nations - her benchmark loans to end unemployment network started in france at  but her knowledge supports project jasmine networks across europe from poland to france- and several of her associates also help connect the banks with values network Global Alliance – For Banking on Values banks delivering sustainable development for unserved people.   

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    The EU hosted 2 belated summits end of 2011 admitting that the last chance of getting youth back to work depends on meshing 2 mechanisms:

    Searches of what social solutions microentrepreneurs can replicate as community-grounded franchises


    Mobilising the last untapped source of credits through what is called social impact bonds; unless maria's open knowledge networking are linked by EU to the financial wizards negotiation hundreds of billions dollars worth of bonds from foundations, there is little likelihood of europe escaping the longest -and most unnecessary -recession ever

    maria is currently spending a lot of time in Tunisia helping entrepreneurs with its micrloan foundations


    Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions


    While its a blow that many nations wont let non-banks offer saving products, the most important dynamic investing in getting youth back to work across europe involves replicating community-owned franchises -ie once person has found out to use a practice market to get started as a microentrepreneur, share that knowledge with any other in-network unemployed youth capable of serving that expertise


    q&a to help accelerate wider understanding of adie such include:

     2 what sorts of peer to peer jobs networks are most numerous across all adie investments

    poland has one of the strongest economies in europe relative to where it was 20 years ago -what can we learn from its community banks and is dad's polish friend jan winiecki still alive or who are his alumni given my fathers support of him as much the most sensible person to transition ex soviet economies -

    1:13 pm edt 

    Nick Hughes - 100/4  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Engineered The Number 1 App Freeing productivity of Net Generation?


    What would world miss without Nick Hughes?


    Nick engineered the first successful mobile cashless financial service - mpesa (kenya). It may yet be on the "APP" of cashless banking that freedom of net generation productivity turns because it rewards:

    • hi-trust community agents,
    • bankers with values aimed at financing productivity not debt consumption,
    • those who celebrate 100 times more economical infrastructures of basic monetary transaction - see norman macrae's last article

    What's interesting is that cashless banking is big enough for an association of over 100 national regulators to be benchmarking what works where and what doesn't

    Next collaboration challenges


    Entrepreneurial revolutionaries can gain from watching all of nick's next projects - eg cashless loans for solar in kenya is starting up - also by watching how other mobile innovators including the Quadir family who first commercialised village phones are taking on mobile banking projects


    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps


    Join our readership club of MIT issue 4 2011 innovations on financial inclusion - the ,sot uptodate single source knowledge of where mobile cashless entrepreneurial revolutions are blossoming


    We'd like to see 5th grade teaching on currency included in alfatoun's 90 country program on financial literacy. We need to get to a world where never again can the double folly of the euro ( letting a few bad bankers and top-down politicians put a nation's youth in permanent debt with no warning signals separated currencies offer). For more technical debates on why people need to take back currencies see norman's review of the first 100 hobarts of the Institute of Economic Affairs

    10:16 am edt 

    George Soros Family - 100/3  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Reformed Speculator Pro-Youth Economist


    What would world miss without George Soros? 
    It is unclear that Bangladesh would have ever become a country with youth tech leaders without George's timely loan enabling start-up of GrameenPhone


    Pro-Youth Econonics 2010s: George Soros has been amongst the most pro-active in suggesting what to do with Euro and Wall Street if macroeconomics is not to destroy youth's futures


    If we are going to help make the net generation be worldwide youth's most productive time, we can't cut off funding from some youth just because they live in a country whose elders messed up or were manipulated. Especially as we are living in unique time where collaboration models can increase human wealth and health by 10-fold compared with scarcity economic models of consuming up things.


    Soros knows how currencies have been perfect gables for speculators in the past and what to change so that they stop continuing to be speculator heaven and youth hell

    Next collaboration challenges


    We need a lot more youth and journalists to be trained in analysing wherever countries are debt-ridden , who profited from it. Then viralising chapter and verse across youth twitter networks


    George Soros goes further: TO Lead or Leave:  its time to demand Germany leaves the Euro unless it welcomes ending its model of Europe being populated by creditor and debtor nations 


    Alex Soros convenes opinion-leaders events out of new york and there could be a lot of synergies with the events monica yunus  hosts in identifying superstars who want to give bank to job creating community


    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps


    Try to build on links between the three families histories and passion for pro-youth economics

     Try to linkin other grassroots superstars foundation  supermodels  

    and other community sustaining processes BBC is happiest to promote - eg the choir with Gareth Malone
    10:10 am edt 

    Butler-Sloss - 100/2  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Philanthropic Knowledge Network Leader

    What would world miss without Butler-Sloss  

    Connecting the passionate field innovators of solar (eg williamsbunker roywallis) with community financing systems ( eg members owned microcredits) with opinion leaders (royalty, bbc broadcasters nature) needed to revolutionise sustainability infrastructures with youth media (eg green student entrepeneurcompetitions)


    Butler-Sloss leads the Oscars  for microenergy and microgreen networking. She brings her family's resources and trust which are second to none among pro-youth foundations in UK and offer cross-cultural collaboration authority worldwide.


    Next collaboration challenges


    Green needs to linkin collabortaion youth and leadership movements to reform 20th C economics so that sustainability is costed into pricing decisions being made. Worldwide partners (eg out of Japan whose green needs are most urgent among wealthiest nations) are urgent with those prepared for the deepest conflicts involved in helping peoples  revolutionaise social infrastructures.  Particularly those below concerning solar entrepreneurial revolution:-


    By any pro-youth logic, solar energy is the most economic form of energy wherever there is sun.


    Macreconomic mindsets currently ruling the world use 2 main ways to block this whole truth:

    1 market pricings of energy are biassed towards forms of energy that are stealing from sustainability of our future generations


    2 any energy needs a huge distribution infrastructure and none of these old energy infrastructures prioritises future sustainability over current profiteering


    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps


    Work below the radar in connecting the various jewels in sustainability's crown. Out of UK these could be Ashden, and BBC. Constitutionally across Europe they integrate Royal Hunt of the Sun. (eg 1 princes accounting project)


    Researching what are other nations/regions similarly collaborative jewels in sustaining youth and global village communities everywhere.


    Continuing our netgen search since 1984 of 3 billion new jobs (billion green; billion tech; billion community) Hosting Norman Macrae remembrance parties wherever  hi-level connections need celebrating in ways that the world's 10000 most collaborative youth can help generate.  and

    9:57 am edt 

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    200/4 Barbara Parfitt

    FREEMARKET  Role - Unacknowledged heroine of affordable healthcare and community job creation


    What would world miss without Barbara Parfitt?

     Recommended peoples purpose of healthcare  -affordable so that nobody dies before their time as a joyfully active contributor to business or society - depends on communities celebrating nurses. To deeply understand the possibilities we celebrate understanding the inspiration of Barbara's project of ending nurseless villages. 

    Having spent most of her life out of Glasgow training as many nurses for the National Health Service as anyone, Barbara decided to become the practice leader of the Grameen Nursing College in Dhaka Bangladesh - the flagship collaboration project of social business healthcare which Dr Yunus first announced to the world in his Laureate speech 2006


    Next youth collaboration challenges


    As many worldwide youth as possible need to know how and why to advocate for the end nurseless village project as being the most pivotal of all Girl Power projects. It can create tens of millions of jobs for young women who would otherwise be underemployed, or in developing countries married through dowries or other mechanisms that dont empower a human being to develop her own greatest talents


    Tens of millions may be an underestimate the more we look at how mobile technology can change total education and health systems. For example village girls can now take mobile ultrasounds around village ,mothers to be so that the ten per cent in danger at birthtime are identified ahead of time. More at


    There is ample research to show that vocationally-motivated nurses know how to run more affordable healthcare than lawyers or non-medical administrators. When it comes to doctors and pharmaceutical companies the relationship needs restructuring to take full advantage of the order of magnitude more time that nurses spend with patients and in empowering communities to develop peer to peer knowledge.


    Case reference  ask for the process a life in the day of a boy with hemophilia which helped to bring together all uk connectors of this specialist community of practice more joyfully as well as more economically.


    Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions


    Norman foresaw how the first net generation designed healthcare as pivotal to creating 3 billion jobs - especially the billion jobs that arise from ensuring that every global village is capable of healthily and productively sustaining children born there


    Norman's 1984 survey on healthcare international in The Economist  -better quality at an eighth the cost hasn't been followed up purposefully. Time to update it with what we now know digital hubbed communities can prevent, detect and advance wellbeing,


    The nice thing about celebrating nurses and networks searching for extremely affordable healthcare is that it advances open source practices and brings down degrees of separation on life critical information searches in ways that make the most value multiplying uses of tim berners open architecture of the worldwide web


    Further reference- ask for notes on applying emotional intelligence to nurses visions of the NHS - a collaboration project of the EU sig on emotional intelligence which chris was volunteer origin of during its first 3 years of knowledge sharing



    Most Economic Purpose- affordable health & wellbeing service for all

    (social goal nobody dies before their time; ) segmented value multiplying foci: infants. mothers and youth


    Major Gamechanger- Free Nursing College -

    subsidiaries: e-medic patient-leading edge mobile apps; open gov - statistics that help people and communities make healthier and more economical treatment decisions


    A free nursing college aims to end nurseless communities.

    Overall Design criteria

    Free apprenticeship to those who want to take nursing to communities without nurses especially those with lots of mothers and infants. Such communities benefit economically from having first access to nutritional advice which a village nurse can be a living champion of.


    Major Youth Economic Dynamics

    The community franchise explores various ways of being a financially sustainable job - these include blending nursing with education, enabling nurse to be a retailer of basic medicines, technology integration of nurse as monitor of advancing warning signals (eg which 10% of mothers are at risk of mortality at birth), transferring focus of how government spends healthcare budget, branding nursing as number 1 focus of foundations concerned with girl effect, valuing nurse as society's number 1 safety agent.


    Celebrate informal not just formal value-proven ideas : it is better for a community to have a well-enough trained youngster as a point of contact for nursing inquiries than no contact point at all; maximise mentoring flows from retiring nurses (something formal systems' lawyers actually minimise); new economies of technology treatments are revealing many cases where it is more economic to train a nurse in caring for one type of patients than needing expertise in all patients. Nurses can be the cross-culturally most-trusted person in a community and so a door-opener to society as lab for most urgent redesigns - eg what the UK calls Big Society transfer of governing over to community sustaining its own solutions.


    Free tertiary education models have two most economics segments - those who create new jobs, apprenticeships for services where supply is way below demand. Free nursing college is both the most valuable and largest jobs stimulant of apprenticeship-type education.


    Nursing can be designed to multiply open-knowledge sharing dynamics of future of economical healthcare with particular focus on wellbeing and prevention targeting otherwise vulnerable demographic groups. There are huger emotional intelligence flows to energise round nurses than any of the other role-players in healthcare. The nurse as heroine is the sign of cultural and cross-cultural sustainability in 21st C

    2013 -debating: what is unique productivity multiplier of grameen brand as an organisation then the most important thing international friends of yunus can do now is find him nursing trainers- how many of the 4 active usa states of yunus student competitions have been asked whether they can supply nursing trainers; and is this a primary selection condition in terms of choosing which new states to roll out to?
    logic - systemically it is clear to me that every misunderstanding of grameen microcredit starts by failing to see that unlike brac or indeed any other microcredit ever conceived the productivity multiplier of basic grameen from 1976 to 1996 was the village centre of 60 women as a group; it was nothing to do with separate goal of individual advancement over $1 or $2 a day
    between about 1996 and 2005 the village centre mobilised by 1 telephone lady per centre was the main advance in productivity unit because what had previously been 100000 separate centre-hubs could now share knowhow
    however investment in mobile infrastrucure and worldwide models have now advanced so fast that even if yunus had retained control of grameen phone - the main economic unit could not continue as the centre without any unique knowledge franchise 
    i had wondered whether the way energy is distributed had become grameen's new pattern but having just read a german book on the whole history of grameen shakti clearly not -perversely given all yunus previous developments with the village, shakti exponential multipliers depended on winning over goodwill of the richest in each village -it wasnt a centre-founded model at all
    so all (and it can be argued to be a very big all because 16 years lead in how villagers use mobile would suggest girl power of nursing can be the most trusted network multipliier) yunus has left as a unique multiplier at the most micro level is the 21st c nurse planted in evry village to be mobilised as community's most trusted information networker as well as basic health practitioner -
    in a different world - if politicians and civil society grassroots networks were as one in bangladesh (and if washingtton dc hadnt spent last 11 years misunderstanding east and west's deepest cultures) then the urgency of understanding what is grameen unique productive multiplier wouldnt have been so great but right now any competent brand valuation expert or systemic mapper of microcomincs would confirm: its all or nothing unless there is some productive multplier of grameen's sustainability as a uniquely productive bangladesh grassroots network -  that i havent yet been able to find in 5 years of searching
    i would delight in counter-views if they have a systemic not emotional substance that could provide a valid way of mediating the huge conflicts that grameen in bangaldesh is surrounded by
    unfortunately the scottish origins of the grameen nursing model are also in danger of imploding unless usa states give the right lead in the next few monhs in helping accelerate the nearly free nursing college
    technical note - in each of years 2007, 2008, 2009, equity of global grameen was doubling -lets say on a base of 6 billion dollars for 2007 (though base not the doubling is the only unnown)
    for those of us  connected to The Economist alumni of entreprenurship and economic system design who have modelled the coming of internet as social business media/mediation since the early 1970s, there was a chance that grameen social business media branding could have continued to double through each year of 2010s- why shouldnt youth sharing knowledge on united race to poverty museums be a more valuable media than facebook or anything - that idea is now long dead
    the doubling has stopped on best scenario! and even the ownership of the equity is now in doubt - anyone who doesnt understand this aspect of the economics of grameen is most unlikely to be able to give yunus any safe advice
    12:42 pm edt 

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Underacknowledged Philantropists Hunter I brahim

    Sir Tom Hunter- 200/3  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Unacknowledged Hero Investing in Changing World Summits


    What would world miss without Sir Tom Hunter


    Without Scot Sir Tom Hunter's initial funding, Its not clear that Bill Clinton would have got started with his various global stages starting each UN year off with world development commitments by the great and good


    Most of the impacts of Clinton Global networks may be more indirect than direct :


    The UN cant reach the bottoms its most supposed to help without grassroots partners and youth mediating. In fact if you want revolutionary experiments go do them and invite UN to join them in once you've got a local entrepreneurial revolution ready to replicate

    Next youth collaboration challenges


    Clinton global university in 2012 has come up with an interesting ideas- ask 7 youth region groups across usa to come up with Q&A of economics


    As Clinton hasn't reciprocated on Scottish end of hunter foundations' goals, we need to!

    Hunter Foundation: Effect positive, long-term cultural change to deliver a ‘can do’ attitude initially in Scotland via major investment in, largely, educational programmes. Why?The more enterprising the nation, the more economically stable it becomes providing the necessary funds to deliver for all.Education is the ultimate change agent in achieving this end goal. 

    Norman Macrae Foundation next actions


    We are interested in helping Friends of Scotland make sure that all the movements that hunter invested in Clinton starting connect through Scottish youth entrepreneurs and other places that entrepreneurial economics began precisely because the peoples and place weren't a favorite capital of top peoples summits


    Its a pity that the number 1 entrepreneurial revolution alumn of scottish universities - sir fazle abed- never met Tom Hunter while he was the UK's wealthiest philanthropist especially as both se education as the change that begets al other changes


    Mo Ibrahim - 100/5  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Philanthropist of African Transparency


    What would world miss without Mo Ibrahim?


    The Mo Ibrahim Foundation offers the largest annual prize - awarded when transparent African leaders retire from national presidency


    Mo made his money from mobile phone networks in Africa so has unique network connections for judging African leaders. Transparency has never been so vital with so much change mobilising around Africa. Precisely because mobile media can entrepreneurially empower so much bottom-up freedoms, they are also at risk of being closed down by those who power over badwill networks


    Next youth collaboration challenges


    Inspired by Ibrahim a former colleague of Mo Ibrahim is co-founder of which aims to tell the good news stories of hi-trust leaders - both national and leaders who want to help make the content self-sufficient in particular industry sectors.


    Norman Macrae Foundation next steps


    Africa24tv being headquartered in Paris uses a similar mechanism The Economist used to host out of London. Any passing leader is welcome to come in for a luncheon and chat on or off record as they choose. We hope to host a Norman Macrae Remembrance party celebrating Africa24 -ts good news service is something we wish the BBC would learn from We aim to do this during the week Paris hosts its annual 3000 person millennium goals summit

    5:14 pm edt 

    The Futures Servants - Patten, Hirsch ...

    Chris Patten- 200/2  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Freedom of Hong Kong to China, of BBC to Net Generation


    What would world miss without Chris Patten

    The social business of world service broadcasting is probably the most undervalued economic catalyst of all - see The Economist's 1984 recommendation of what innovation the BBC could free a billion netgen people to co-produce as new millennium goal


    There is no one in NW hemisphere establishment who has been responsible for letting so much human change happen


    His Asian experiences are now needed if freeing the bbc's investigation of futures


    Next youth collaboration challenges  This part of his 2012 speech needs celebrating through every open minded journalist (and expert guide) of post-industrial revolution and post top-down Europe: The BBC should be hugely confident about its position and its place in public life. It is a universal service, securely funded, with a wave of public trust and goodwill behind it. The public understand that it is unique, and they understand that it provides a service for the Nation, without being part of the State.No other artistic or media organisation in the world has these advantages. The BBC has to exploit them in order to further demonstrate what sets it apart from the market. It can take a long-term view that looks beyond the week-by-week performance of individual programmes or services. If the BBC simply tries to defend its position and gets caught up in existential concerns, it will end up managing decline.That may be doubly true in a period of considerable political and economic uncertainty, when the BBC needs to use its unique and trusted position in public life try to explain, to interrogate, and to find artistic expression for the big ideas of the day. 

    Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions


    The most important survey to ask where people believe media could free good news


    Who could the bbc get to be the most open mindsets guides to the future alongside Danny Boyle


    Tim Berners Lee - the worldwide web

    Michael Palin cross-cultural guide to worldwide joy


    Everybody should see the bloomberg film on how murdoch and china have since 1993 tried to minimise the unique role the BBC could play in freeing peoples futures



    Martin Hirsch- 400/1  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET  Role - Designer of the  most vocationally interesting Civil Service


    What would world miss without Martin Hirsch


    Can you find a civil service that cares more practically about the vocational experience it gives youth than France's Service Civique


    Hirsch appears to have converged his whole career including past posts as minister of youth and poverty alleviation towards maximising partnerships and pride in service-civique in such a way that every youth mission is an action learning experience

     Between 2008-2011, Martin has taken at least 25 French companies over to Dhaka to experience what Yunus means by social business

    What youth collaboration challenges is Hirsch centre of


    Try and get Yunus to sit down with Hirsch for half an hour and discuss whether yunus format of student sb competitions  (see jobscompetitions) and martin Hirsch's of civil service could become more than their parts. Both celebrate making youth central to leadership partnering programs that pulls on resources that often not made available to youth even though they are public.


    Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions


    Try and find someone to write up the impacts of Hirsch's societal entrepreneurial projects in English. The whole world needs to learn from them and they can make prime time content for journal of social business and youth economics. In some ways they represent the most exciting - and large scale partnership - between governement and youth that I have seen - do rsvp if you have seen other exemplars

    5:13 pm edt 

    Danny Boyle 200/1 YunusOlympics; jean-daniel muller 900/2 SielBleu - number 1 networker of pro-youth economic futures of sport?

    Danny Boyle- 200/1 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - Freedom to co-produce futures peoples wants 

    What would world miss without Danny Boyle

    Danny Boyle's Opening of the London Olympics was the smartest billion person broadcast that humanity's future histories have ever enjoyed. It shone light on UK innovations to such markets as nursing and healthcare, childrens literature, the worldwide web and mobile telecoms, and even the industrial revolution exciting to value for the greatest advances in the human lot.

    The net generation is facing changes even greater than the industrial revolution, and irreversibly sudden worldwide. So knowing Keynes conclusion that economics is how peoples futures are designed and media chooses how many people are freely included in designing these futures is critical

    Next youth collaboration challenges

    There is no reason why 2010's access to million times more collaboration technology cannot be the most productive time for worldwide youth. But as the first book on the net generation predicted in 1984 the opportunity to design such futures needs the smartest of old broadcast and new interactive media not the dumbest. Compare what Berners Lee intended for the www in 1990 and what has been spun the last 20 years and the risk is the web will be reduced to an invitation of mass media destroying its unique education and productive possibilities.

    Today among mass media in west, only the BBC has the resources to debate the future histories of society and world service in the deepest ways needed.

    Norman Macrae Foundation next actions

    Danny's previous films -eg slumdog millionaire - fit nicely into celebrating the fact that those challenged by the most urgent needs are making the mobilising the most exciting innovations of collaboration technology.

    His relationhsips with the African charity Dramatic Need can linkin with s.Africa's world leadership of free universities supported by partners of Mandela including Richard Branson

    Economics can be designed as a public service (as well as an open space for how innovation resolves conflicts between people connected by the same issue but with passionately rival ideas) by and for everyone. This isn't what happened in the west as the television age accidentally turned public servants into public managers, and access to future design to the most short-term soundbiters.

    download more profiles of 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s = youths most productive decade

    Help link connections between danny boyle and noble laureate dr yunus

    1. Yunus end nurseless villages project was a celebration that began in scotland with the support of a lady who has trained more NHS nurses than just about anyone. Its chief sponsor is the Nike Girl Effect Foundation - empowering productivity of girls is something Nike leadership finds as exciting as any sport its ever sponsored
    2. Yunus' daughter Monica links together gheroes who want to help the net generation be the most productive everywhere- her web is codenamed artists peace corps -why not sponsor a young star who doesnt quite achieve superstardom to culturally regenerate communities. The BBC series The Choir shows just how valuable singing can be in renewing community and celebraing positive energies of youth. Viv Westwood encourages superstar models to adopt a youth community cause. Tell us who else we could be linking in

    Jean-Daniel Muller- 900/2 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - Social Business can revalue sport's contribution to communities and pro-youth economies 

    What would world miss without Jean-Daniel Muller?

    JDM is founder of . He acts as open network coordinator of how sportsmen who didn't quite become superstars  can co-create jobs for themselves and turn youth's passion for sports into community impacts worldwide. See for news of up to 27 international extensions of network's French origin. View[i] video from 2011 EU social business summit 
    (-fellow speakers include : Y
    unus and the connections he sees with celebrating youthful stars born at social business competitions)

    Part of JDM video

    Thank you Commissioner Barnier for asking us to be an example of European Social Business. Siel Bleu started 14 years ago in Strasbourg - my friends and I were finishing our studies - our problem we were going to become sports teachers - but there were 45000 students who wanted to teach sports but only 5% who end up doing so

    So we decided to look at how to involve elderly in sports training whom nobody else seemed interested in - things require structure so we formed an association to make service available to everyone both high and low income. At start everybody though us mad- getting people in retirement homes involved in sports impossible - so we decided we would do it

    We were helped at local level by regional council 6 months funding for 12 retirement homes after which we'd need to be sustainable with our customers. -6 months down road: 11 establishments said must continue; in the other that had a budget problem, the old people went on strike demanding we continue! Fast forward: today we've created 300 jobs in France for sports for elderly reaching about 70000 peopleAnd we have passed on franchise to other European countries. We're getting services to the people so physical activity is part of everyday life of the elderly in IrelandSpainBelgium-. Yes each country has had to have a different association structure - limited liability company in Ireland
     - foundation in Spain etc. But important thing is to get same service to same target group. We have built a database on 3000 exercises that can help with particular illnesses, More and more customer networks for sports coaching are evolving as our demands to share networks in 27 countries::

    cancer : working with Marie Curie - all kinds of scientific studies show you can reduce cancer recurrence by up to 50% if you get involved in exercise. 
    60 billion Euro Opportunity across 

    EU: crisis/funding cases - study conducted recently across 4 European countries on diabetes and prevention of fractures - shows that if you do regular physical activities - you can save 60 billion euros from annual health budgets we now have 

    Important to find people who share our values and see the end beneficiary as most important, Commitment is our main reward . We celebrate the service view that the best kind of person is one who can be of use to maximum number of people

    Norman Macrae Foundation: relevant next actions   

    Since Lord Seb Coe made his Singapore Promise in 2005, we have wanted to see consequence of London Olympics as freeing BBC (and any public media) to celebrate what youth superstars can inspire all the way down to communities and not just at moments of Olympic glory. 

    The role of the BBC as the world's largest social business - can be freed if opinion leaders at like Chris Patten, Danny Boyle and Seb Coe act now to help youth fully value the future of heroines and heroes. 

    Liberating entrepreneurial dialogues on this include: 
    Paris (2010) film-makers and Yunus and Youth hosted  by at Grand Rex 

    Part of Yunus video

    if you want to design new structure , an idea is: young people and education and reorienting system so entrepreneurship is central to the system, Help students to see they can be job givers as social business entrepreneurs, not just job seekers from businesses

    More specifically why couldn't all schools explain 2 kinds of entrepreneurship -to make money, OR to change the world ... and you can also do both but only if youth know its ok to celebrate entrepreneurs who change the world---

    more specifically why dont we have 2 kinds of business school 

    MBA that specialise in extracting profits, making money in short-term

    SocialMBA preparing for how to solve problems through businesses. Study Social Business - all technicalities and measuring impact of social business- where the ceo will be asked how much impact made this year made, and how much more impact next year on the specific goal the SB is designed around

    Another way to energise youth is through Social Business competitions design. Why not an EU championship: each country will identify their own champion designers and eu can help transfer and service franchises knowhow between country champions

    Once you can design then you can implement- designing is most important issue; here we are not seeking money from EU. its recognition youth need. And encouragement by removal of legal barriers so citizens can come up with their own innovations. The issue is how convinced are citizens by EU that its OK for they the citizens -and the communities - to find ways to solve problems. 

    Does the EU agree that government is not only entity involved in creating solutions to life-shaping service problems?

    The student SB competition is the vehicle, then once you have seen winning designs - and the passionate