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Jack Ma, as China's education commisoner at UK 18 september 2016 remennded to 30 nations leaders of education  that our pursuit of the greatest #learninggeneration

over next 15 years should hypothesise that the majority of future jobs to be created outside the cl;assical classroom. Recently

undersatanding outside the calssroom dynamics has been on a rising exponeential as shown in the first 2 cases we feature .Our search is inspired by The Economist's Keynsian 

Norman Macrae whose sustainablity mapping of the net generation's 3 billion new jobs started in The Economist in 1972. His last youth journalism project in 2008

sent 10 waves of youth out to study Bangladesh. Chris Macrea washington dc text 240 316 8157 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk


There are several reasons why we find Bangladesh (born as new nation 1971) one of the most exciting cases that development economists have ever seen:

the nation's foundations were built mainly by poorest village women who raced to end extrreme poverty eg no electricity and one of lowest life expectancies in world of 1970s!

nation where most of village employment was created by training outside the classroom

nation which has been earliest at collaboration partnerships in digital leapfrogging (eg Grameen Telenor Soros Quadir) - where we notice a pattern that leapfrogging systems  )(after the [hone itself previpusly non-existenat tooff grid vilagers and solar) focused on financial inclusion come before those on education (however there is an open question will it always be the case that communities need to take back finacial sustainablity before they leapfrog with education or is it simply that smarter mobiles and access tools are needed for education whereas forms of cashless banking could be built by text)

BRAC is the pivotal partnership netwoirk to study Bangaldesh's race out of extreme poverty with. Brac's founder Sir Fazle Abed was inspired by the text Pedagogy of the Oppressed - by Brazilian Paulo Freire, part of the same bottom up servant leadership genre "Preferential Option Poor" from South Ameriuca that has inspired the life work of Jim Kim and Paul Farmer - the former now starting his second 5 yera transformatiuon of the woprld bank after hois 20 yeras aith paul farmer at partners in health. Thios Franciscan idology cals for top profesisonals to go and live with the porest before deciding what the porest can learn from the professional. Classic otside the classroom dynamic.

BRAC'S first major scaling cdreated what is now over 100000 community para health servants - they were effectively all trained on the job

Over ten million microalns were geraed to training market-designed microfrmacise solutions that sustained the viilage mothers self-employment

Now its also the case that BRAC devleoped an extrordinary priamry school model (the best of vilage montessori but ultimately fitting the Bangalodeshi government examinations) for pooerst village students who mostly graduated in top 10% enabling many to earn scholarships through secodnary. Inspired by their moter example many of these brightest vilage girldls have elected to take on formal traiing as nurses and doictors.

However the history of vocation learning being the core that developed sustainble communities out of next to no resources (the tyipal vilage at the birth of the nation) also means that digital elarning experiments in banga;ldesh today are likely to jopyfully help innovate out of tje classroom methods including peer to peer ones. Notice the ideas that Bangladesh clarifies- particuparly crucial is the microfrnachise - in the brac context this is about job-connecetd training where BRAC redesigns the market sectirs value chian to ensuring a hard working mothyer heowever poor has a market for her service. We note a clear paralel between what BRAC did with pre digital sociual networks and what eg ali baba has done in using the web to cfreate chanels that sustain hard working small enterprises.  


Extract  from INTEL briefing

Digital  resources are transforming education worldwide. Access is paramount for students of all ages. But what happens when connectivity is intermittent or unavailable? More than 60 percent of the world’s population remains off-line.1 This population is disproportionately rural, low income, elderly, illiterate, and female. World Possible provides direct, ongoing support, tools, and technology to infrastructure-challenged communities. S

DELIVERING RELEVANT CONTENT World Possible’s content modules represent a copy of a website (as that site exists at a given point in time), and include leading reference and educational sources such as Wikipedia, Hesperian Health Guides, Gutenberg World Library, and much more. Preinstalled content on CAP is tailored and localized for deployments in Guatemala, East Africa, Southern Africa, and even the Departments of Juvenile Justice and Corrections in the United States. World Possible’s off-line tools and content are available in multiple languages. The content localization process is led by World Possible’s in-country social entrepreneurs, who work to obtain digital copies of local, country-specific curriculum and pacing guides. These social entrepreneurs then host a series of meetings with educators and teachers to align that local curriculum to off-line content hosted on CAP.

Recently, RACHEL-Plus on CAP began supporting interactive digital content, such as GCFLearnFree.org*, and Khan Academy Lite, which allows students to create logins, do exercises, and receive feedback—all off-line. 




 Billion Jobs

 Renew Community

 Renew Planet

 Way above zero-sum -knowledge age world trades

 Typical Macroeconomic Error

 devalued greatest job - bringup up a family

two main antidotes- valuing 10 years of being a parent

- renewing community so sfae and skils creating outside school hours 

didnt cost in negative impact on next generation's future resources

 -eg practrucal knowhow multiplies value in use unlike consuming uip things; channels designed so next to zero cost for hard working sme to market

 typicl transformation methods 

 open space  (video eg why empowers youth; discussion what open spacing school involves; colaboration cafe (video eg empowering yoiuth) - why this is core process of eg goal 11 - how media people already showcasing this -  

new zealand the elarningweb.net flips classroom with every childs a film-maker;

ppeer to peer action learning (eg montessori primary; best way for adolescent brain develkopment eg adoelkscent p2p health care knowhow (lancet);lucknow preeteen school exchnages ; after hours  everywhere in schools is a vocational hub and community cenhtre





 typical micro metrics

 popsicle index










 xmethods  open spa
 billion Jobs Renew Community Billion Jobs Renew Planet Billion Jobs Post-Industrial way above zero-sum trades of developing people 
typical macroeconomic error 

 devalued greatest job - bringup up a family

two main antidotes- valuing 10 years of being a parent

- renewing community so sfae and skils creating outside school hours 

 didnt cost in negative impact on next generation's future resources -eg practrucal knowhow multiplies value in use unlike consuming uip things; channels designed so next to zero cost for hard working sme to market


--service franchise and microfranchises are designed outside classroom 

case aravind - particular notes- designing service where value stays in community needs even more "franchising" design than a franchsoie designed to exytract value for global shareholders; a core component of aranvind traines teams of vilage girls to provide the sepcific nursing and amdinstration services needed before and after a catract operation; this training is done in replicable 6 week sessions  

LSAST MILE SERVICES - main challenge is what isnt available in a perfect op-erational sopace 

--most of bangladesh's microcredit livelihoods were not taught in classroom -by defintion preferential option poor solutions are invented loutside the classroom

--most of missing job creating curriculum designed eg by south africas nearly free university were not primarily classroom based- many involve celebrating peer to peer learning networks 

--jobs related to sustainability goals are likely to be hubbed outside classroom 

 --missing jobs in supercities are created outisde classroom

-most smes are created outside classroom 

most of 100 million jobs jack ma aims to create are not classroom based

--blockchain jobs are not created in classroom 

 --great apps are nor created in classroom

--the world's most skillful [people maximise time they spend at experiential edge of their own unique competence- not something that can be solely classroom based 

 --days when big orga siations were waiting to offer jobs to whomver got teh best diplomas are mainly gone

 --between 2030 and 1946 we wil be spending 4000 tiems more on learning commuinications technologies- the only real growth in post industrial econopmies is human growth- this can be developed through lifelong action learning not the old world of all schooling comes before gefore work experience

type 2 beyond classroom

most valuable learnings have been indentofied to be at jumctio of 2 or more professional silos -mit ola experience

designing tye interenet to be the smarest medium ever - and 2016 to 2030 to be gtreatest #learninggeneration cant be done by continuing the monoplies associated with classroom  




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For many years now i have been searching for a channel where the curricula that are not primarily classroom based but could have huge youth jobs or community sustainability benefits can be openly compared for actions and scaled when demand is mobilised

last month at the UN  Home | the Education Commission  for the greatest #learninggeneration assembled across 30 countries leaders by Justin Van Fleet as Gordon Brown chief of staff - Jack Ma of china's ali baba said this

It is time to change schools- we should anticipate 40 to 50% of the learnings that will need to take place outside the classroom in the real world through the mobile phone and internet. In this way we need to mobilise more cooperation and organisation to facilitate this. And yes money is important but more important is that we create new models for education to prepare our young people not for yesterday and today but tomorrow – we need also put our limited resources and money not only on the IQ but the EQ and LQ (The Q of Love). We need to develop the creativity and confidence of our children. 

two days later his fellow education commissioner world bank's jim kim at a UN event appointing ma as special adviser on youth entrepreneurship jim kim said this

I kept asking about how he came with these ideas and what his motivation was—I was so impressed – I came back to the world bank and I asked my whole team a very simple question- have we taken into account the ali baba factor in how we think about everything we do because if ali baba is the way to develop the world then we might not be doing the right things at at all

  – I was so impressed because jack had a deep moral vision for what he was doing in his business

 Now the way he processes and understand data is better than anyone else 

I am hopeful that some progress is being made on the channel though frustratingly the pieces (listed below) of extraordinary health knowledge for youth to action still seem to be led by people who dont have enough opportunities to meet  (or which ultimately expensive top-down systems lobbies oppose)

we will be reviewing the channel progress on tuesday in baltimore where reverent al hathaway hosts (in my searches) the greatest collection of experiments of how black american youth can regenerate inner cities ; the channel we will review is africa and middle east's elearning satellite mixing in intel's most advanced collection of downloadable courses ; yazmi is expecting to beam this down to several hundred rural kenyan schools in time for the start of their next school year

while these courses are the standard stuff such as khan academy, what we would like to do is find a way of providing free advertising to sources of extraordinary curricula like yours - that way over time as yazmi is asked to tailor standard courses to local communities most urgent additional need we will at least have the adjunct catalogue 

here are some of the health related courses that I have loved when i have seen the idea presented but so far not be able to do more than keep a checklist of where the source is
H1 your adolescent peer to peer course

H2 the maharishi curriculum of self-empowerment that africa's nearly free university uses since many of its disadvantaged students intake start with worse psychological profiles than GIs returning from Iraq

H3 brac's last mile franchise of 120000 community para health workers - which was the foundation of everything that rural women in bangladesh built including the microcredit models that worked

H4 bracs international girls adolesence club - this is actually bracs main international channel

(note on brac sir fazle abed turned 80 this year while i meet him once or twice a year what he wants to ensure succeeds him fits as smart mobile technology revolution accelerates has so far required priority focus on all the financial inclusion coding leaving advances in health and education waiting for trusted partners to linkin)

blockchain which is the coding ledger program integral to china's greatest job creator jack ma financial leapfroging at ali baba but is also seen as a gamechanger in health by denis gilhooly who has coordinated un reports on digital health ; 

which brings us to jim kim
to date all of his knowledge on last mile health servants hasnt advanced in scaling  curriculum mode during his first 5 years at world bank because it seems he is contracted not to work directly with his previous partners; however kim has become one of jack ma's great friends in terms of admiring both his financial inclusion model and his educational goals so there has to be a hope that last mile health curriculum will suddenly benefit from all of jim kims connections especially as the world bank's main new report to china during kim's presidency is on healthcare in china; (while paul farmer told me in budapest 2012 that haiti's la Mirabelle would start open sourcing last ,mile health curricula I suspect haiti remains too busy with emergency work) 

anyhow not being a health professional maybe i apologise if I have missed some reporting connections but i feel this jigsaw pieces need continuous mention until they come together and perhaps yazmi's channel can now help with this; george very much admire your compatriot paul komesaroff work and australia's prime minster is one of the south's greatest champion of jack ma so maybe thats an additional convergence route for the greatest #learninggeneration    

i am sure dr ranga at yazmi HQ in maryland  would be delighted to hear of any news of how you are rolling out the adolescent curricula or what sort of free ad for it we could announce as yazmi's stage 1 of putting standard curriculum within reach of those in rural areas without reliable internet moves to the second stage so whats the one missing curriculum your local youth most need; my 4th visit to china to build demand for what quarter billion girls under 30 want to be taught coincides with wise education summit in beijing 5 november so if there is a favorite short leaflet on the adolescent health curricula i would like to hand that out and try and get its pdf sent to the pan-africa youth summit being hosted out of Liberia which Chinese graduate researchers are linking in

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma unveils ambitious plan

Mission: 100 million new jobs

By Dana McCauley

He already runs the world's biggest online shopping company, but Alibaba founder Jack Ma is not satisfied.

The Chinese billionaire has unveiled an even more ambitious plan to expand the company's reach across the globe, creating 100 million new jobs and transforming the global economy to create a more equitable world.

It may sound pie-in-the-sky, but the goal forms part of mission statement of the US$261 billion company's visionary executive chairman.

In a letter to shareholders, Ma outlined Alibaba's achievements of the past financial year - including a gross merchandise turnover of more than $195 billion (1 trillion RMB), an "unprecedented" figure - before looking to the future.

"We have more than 430 million annual active buyers, which means one out of every three individuals in China has made a purchase on our retail marketplaces," Ma wrote.

But, he said, while proud of Alibaba's online shopping achievements, "we want to do far more", saying that the benefits of globalisation had not been spread evenly, but that "digital disruption will bring us closer to a level playing field for young people and small businesses".

"We are not merely trying to shift buy/sell transactions from offline to online, nor are we changing conventional digital marketing models to squeeze out a little additional profit," he wrote.

"We are working to create the fundamental digital and physical infrastructure for the future of commerce, which includes marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing, big data and a host of other fields."

The Alibaba group of companies, founded in 1999, accounts for 60 per cent of all Chinese online sales, and this year overtook Walmart as the world's largest retailer.


It has made Ma the second richest man in Asia, with a net worth of US$28.5 billion.


It's through cloud computing that Alibaba aims to expand its reach, and the company has been investing in the technology as part of a strategy that sees shoppers' data as the contemporary equivalent of mineral riches.

"Over the next 30 years, with computing power as the new 'technology breakthrough' and data as the new 'natural resource,' the landscape of retail, financial services, manufacturing and entertainment will be transformed," Ma wrote, forecasting a decades-long period of transformation.

"The internet revolution is a historical inflection point, much like when electricity was introduced, and it may have an even greater impact," he predicted.

Alibaba's mission, he said, was to "empower merchants with the ability to transform and upgrade their businesses for the future" and "help companies all over the world to grow".

"We believe, the commerce infrastructure we have created in China - marketplaces, payments, logistics, cloud computing and big data, all working in concert - can be applied on a global scale to lift up small and medium businesses and ordinary consumers around the world."

Eight years after launching, Alibaba Cloud hosts 35 per cent of Chinese websites, while delivering cloud computing and big data services.


Ma said Alibaba was constantly adapting to the changing e-commerce environment, as staying at the forefront of innovation was key to its continued success.

"In the coming years, we anticipate the birth of a re-imagined retail industry driven by the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain," he said.

"With e-commerce itself rapidly becoming a "traditional business," pure e-commerce players will soon face tremendous challenges."

A shift to mobile revenue was one such change, he said, with mobile climbing from a single-digit percentage to three-years of total revenue from Alibaba's Chinese retail marketplaces, in the space of two years.

"This is why we are adapting, and it's why we strive to play a major role in the advancement of this new economic environment," Ma said.

Innovations like Alibaba's Qianniu app, which helps online businesses to improve sales and marketing while enhancing efficiency, were an example of the type of projects the company aimed to focus on.

"In 20 years, we hope to serve two billion consumers around the world, empower 10 million profitable businesses and create 100 million jobs," Ma said, adding: "This will be an even more difficult journey than the one behind us."


LISTEN : Newstalk ZB Political Editor Barry Soper speaks to Andrew Dickens on KPMG Early Edition

Mr Ma - who's worth around $50 billion - met with John Key in Beijing late yesterday. He made his money through founding the online commerce platform Ali Baba.

Standing alongside the Prime Minister, he heaped praise on the country, which he says is loved by many Chinese.

"At least 20 of my colleagues retired from Ali Baba. They're all very young, in their 40s, they all go to New Zealand."

"I asked what they do apart from the golf and green things and they say it's the people there."

It wasn't all social, with the Chinese billionaire also talking business.

Jack Ma told the entrepreneurs luncheon Kiwi businesspeople find it difficult to access the Chinese market.

Mr Ma said he wants to make that easier with his multi-platform organisation.

"We have Ali Baba University. We would either have courses in New Zealand or invite the entrepreneurs in New Zealand to stay in China for two weeks for training."

"The second is that we're going to open an Ali Baba business embassy next year in New Zealand."

John Key is in China meeting business and political leaders.



Innovation "Made in China" - The Case of Alibaba and the role of Net-based Small Business

Innovation is a key driver for economic development and social progress and small business is one of the best ways for people to express their willingness and capability to innovate.  Pervasive business ownership has, therefore, been the foundation in many societies for the continued improvement of people’s economic wellbeing. In the People’ Republic of China, however, private business ownership was prohibited between 1957 and 1978. Productive innovations were extremely restricted and as a consequence, China’s economy was on the verge of collapse by the end of 1978. The Chinese people had suffered a historic setback.

Alibaba’s growth, driven by unleashing grassroots entrepreneurship, has become an exemplar of China’s innovation in the 21st century.  Started by 18 young people in 1999, Alibaba has grown into a giant global internet platform and has made many invaluable contributions to China’s progress. Highlighting the importance of pervasive small business ownership in unleashing grassroots innovation and improving economic wellbeing, Professor Lowrey will discuss Alibaba’s innovative strategies and explain the economic theory behind its inspiring success.




Dr. Ying Lowrey is Professor of Economics at Tsinghua University and Deputy Director of the Tsinghua Research Center for Chinese Entrepreneurs, and a member of the Academic Committee for Alibaba Group Research Institute. Her teaching and research interests include economics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the internet and platform economy, the modern microfinance market, business demographics, characteristics of business owners, and the role of free enterprise and competition in the macroeconomy. 

She received her economics Ph.D. from Duke University, economics MA from Yale University and mathematics BS from Wuhan University. Before joining Tsinghua University in 2012, she served as senior economist at the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration and has taught economics at George Washington University and San Diego State University.


Selected publications 




Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepren…chris macraeNov 23, 200950 views

Founder of Ali Baba commits his work for Chinese on internet to generate 100 million microentrepreneur jobs in 2010s - who else would you vote at the centre of 100 million job creation leagues?
=====================update sumer 2016:
unlike oiher years spent with bangaldeshi inspired youth, i spent 2015-2016 mainly with a class of chinese female students - what brilliant minds and tirelss sources of human energy - i hope this summary of why the whole world can celebrate what jack ma is doing is near to the mark - but as always look forward to editing any errors which are mine alone
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc text 240 316 8157
was english language tutoring

In 1995 he was sent to the usa on an exchange mission and encountered the worldwideweb - then unknown in China. He determined the www would be the biggest job creating innovation of his (or his generations) life and hopefully of every Chinese entrepreneur he could valuably link into.

Over the next 15 years his wizard coding teams went from something that was little more than an electronic yellow pages for small businesses to conceiving sustainability generation's 2 greatest retailing platforms china or the world may ever have seen..

the taobao platform is the most valuable job creating concept retailers have ever mediated because it reverses the western trend of globalisiation of retailers, bankers and big corporations squeezing out local and small enterprises from having a market; how taobao did that is an extraordinarily detailed story but note how Ma was concerned to ensure even the most cut-off of Chinese villagers could start up on tao bao (rural ecommerce is one of the innovations that Ma has led the www purpose to linkin)

His other mall was pitched at the more usual high cost fashions of big global merchandisers. Because of complex property laws in chinese cities, most expensive retailers are not much of a joy to shop in. So ali baba created a lifestyle -eg celebrate singles day 11/11 shopping virtually rather than the physically exhausting interaction in The West's biggest shopping days of the year)

SO 365/24/7 consumers of ali baba can choose who they value developing most with their purchasing power as well as searching merchandise with global image or local cultural joy

Alibaba has become china's and probably the word's largest retailing channel. It does this with next to no merchandise but brilliant coding so that every store front on its platforms delivers with equal reliability. Hunting out exactly how Ma forms partnerships so that big data analysis benefits the smallest enterprises and most local consumers ought to be a job of whomever is sustainability goals greatest economist.

Intriguingly to ensure he could compete with the chinese internet companies that raced to co-create the www that Ma had opened space for in china, Ma IPO'd Alibaba through a process 2010-2015 while developing his secret sustainability weapon under private ownership. AlIpay is china's number 1 financial inclusion delivery system and maybe global youth most humanly productive coding achievement to date.

Comparing china's top 10 internet properties with the west's is very interesting. Are the consuming behaviours on ali baba more sustainable than those on amazon or ebay or paypal? Are the learnng behaviours on baidu more sustaining of youth than on google or coursera or microsoft's linkedin. Time will tell but note how speaking english, chinese and coding (as well as mother tongue) are probably what educators anywhere on planet earth should NOW be most valuing their global youth's future freedom to thrive entrepreneurially around.

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